Can not Sleep, It's How To Overcome It

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Sleep is an essential activity for the body. When lack of sleep, the body will feel limp and weak. If it persists, the immune system may decrease.

Because of the importance of the function of sleep, would be very upset if it can not sleep, right? When you try to close your eyes, you are not asleep.

If so, what to do? Reporting from Time, Tuesday (27/3/2018), the following experts say when the difficulty sleeping.

1. Realize that this is normal.
Not everyone can just fall asleep when just lying down. The average person takes 10 to 20 minutes from lying down to actually falling asleep. In fact, if you immediately fall asleep within a minute or two after lying down is a sign of sleep disturbance.

Can not Sleep, It's How To Overcome It
Professor at UCLA Jennifer L Martin says, when you can not sleep, there must be something to think about. Like a problem with a job or a child. Rather than upset because you can not sleep because of many thoughts, you better write down what makes you uneasy.

2. Create a comfortable atmosphere to fall asleep.
For example the condition of the phone is off so you are not interrupted with messages or phone rings. A quiet atmosphere and a dark room will also help.

3. Take your mind with fun things. 
Can not Sleep, It's How To Overcome It
For example, think about the time you are on vacation, beach, mountain, or any place you like.

4. Try breathing exercises.
Breathe in four counts, and spend in four counts. Do it over and over until you relax and fall asleep.

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