6 Reasons Why You Should Facial

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6 Reasons Why You Should Facial
Many skin treatments you can do, one of which is with facials. Facials are important to do to help understand how the skin works and how the skin reacts to stress, hormones, and other elements.

Quoted from teenvogue.com, Saturday (21/4/2018), here are some reasons you should facial. Curious?

1. Cleaning the pores

Facials can cleanse the skin in ways that you can not do at home. Similarly, check with your dentist, even though you've brushed your teeth every day, the facial usually starts with steam to open the pores and allow the skin to breathe.

2. If something goes wrong, you know what it is

Skin changes over time, depending on age, weather, and hormones. A facial specialist can help overcome the change, identify the skin condition, and tell you how to take care of it, because not knowing the skin condition will worsen the situation in the long run.

Facial  illustration (iStockphoto)

3. Punch the acne wrong

Every time you hit acne, you will create scar tissue and black marks. A regular facial will help keep skin clean and prevent long term damage.

4. It's better than you do it elsewhere

Do not believe in what everyone says, including when you go to a beauty shop. Facial expertise will give you personal knowledge about your own skin, not in general.

5. There are some things you can not do

You can not get professional effects if doing skin care at home. Facial allows you to feel the light therapy using blue and red LED lights, eradicating the bacteria that cause inflammation when the acne appears.

6. Face is much more relaxed

Face is much more relaxed when you facial, rather than skin care done at home. Before facials, experts will help you feel comfortable and calm, because stress can also cause skin problems.

Facial Illustration (iStockphoto)

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