How to Overcome Children's Addiction Play with Gadgets

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Children today are never out of the name gadgets. Not infrequently children engrossed with his gadgets, they seemed to find his own world, so gadgets become mandatory goods that need to be taken to where there. And this is what makes children dependent on gadgets.

If you have a child who has been addicted to gadgets, then do not just stay silent, but look for ways or guidelines to eliminate them. Here are tips or ways to get kids out of gadget addiction.

1. Limit Gadget Usage Time

Do not immediately scolded, it turns out the game also has benefits for child growth. (Photo Source: Curtain News - Curtin University)
This method becomes a simple way so that children no longer experience the dependence of the gadget. Duration of gadget usage should be limited.

For example, one day greeting can only play gadgets for 1 hour only. Determine the same schedule every day. For example, you may only play the gadget after you wake up during the day.

Do not get children more addicted, especially if the gadget that you provide supports many games and other features that qualified. Then your child will be difficult to be detached from the gadget. Here the attitude of parents should be consistent and firm.

2. Shifting Children's Attention to Other Games

Introducing a child to a device or "gadget" too early turns a child late in speaking
Distracting children's attention is the best way. Replacing gadget activity with an interesting physical game can hone your child's skills.

Invite or give a game that can distract your child from gadgets, such as making handicrafts, making cardboard toys or making cookies in the kitchen.

By multiplying sports activities such as swimming, badminton, tennis, or martial arts. It's more useful. invites children to get to know nature is also a solution for children to forget the gadget.

Physical activity is very important to support the growth of flowers, so it is better to switch to useful activities.

3. Keep the Gadget out of the Kids Reach

Born in the 90s down and exposed to technology makes today's generation more familiar using "gadgets" than their parents.
Keep gadgets out of the reach of a child. If the child already has their own gadgets, it helps his parents save, so it is not easy to play at will. Keep the gadget in a safe place that the child does not know so it's not easy to pick up and play.

4. Spend Time As a Parent

Holidays with children proved to be more beneficial to their growth rather than giving them gadgets

Due to the busyness of parents who do not have time together with children. This is what causes children to occupy themselves with gadgets.

For that as a parent, spend time with the child. Although it is just a casual chat at home or doing activities together that adds to the familiarity of children with parents.

With the presence of parents, children no longer feel the loneliness and attention and affection of the child's parents get so no longer need gadgets as an escape.

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