Smartphone Signals Often Missing? Try This Way

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Smartphone Signals Often Missing? Try This Way
For those of you who often use a smartphone device, must have experienced a situation where mobile signal suddenly lost. Surely, the activity you watch a video on instagram or play games will be disrupted and automatically irritated.

Yes, the smartphone signal that at any time lost it is inevitable. Factors that cause lost cellular signal is quite diverse.

As a result, your position is outside the network coverage area, weather factor, network repair by operator, damage to smartphone hardware, and there is a problematic application or software.

However, there are ways you can get the signal back. Here is how.

1. Restart Smartphone

This is the easiest and most practical way to solve this problem. By restarting, the smartphone will start all the process from scratch and will automatically search for new network.

Restarting the smartphone can also overcome various problems that arise in addition to missing signals.

2. Airplane Mode

Just switch on Airplane Mode on your smartphone. Let some moments ago disable the mode. This makes the device look for better new network servers.

3. Locate the Network Manually

To select a network manually, you can go to Settings  Network & Connections  Mobile Network  select Operator  Select Automatically.

Smartphones will try to connect to a network that has been detected.

4. Move to Open Space

If you are in space and suddenly your 4G signal is lost, most likely your smartphone is not able to capture a full 4G signal in that place.

One of the things that can be done when in this condition is to move outdoors. Thus, 4G signal will reappear and can be used for internet.

5. Using the Signal Amplifier App

If you're using the best 4G signal booster app on your smartphone, the signal on your smartphone will not get lost all of a sudden. These applications can be found in the Google app store.

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