This is the Reason You Should Break the Fast with a Drink or Warm Food

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This is the Reason You Should Break the Fast with a Drink or Warm Food
Thirst and hunger is so strong that you often can not wait to eat all kinds of food and drink cold and sweet when breaking the fast.

Be careful, not not allowed but it's good to be reduced because feared digestive system that is resting will be surprised if you break the fast with something cold.

Summarized from Cashbac, It's good you break the fast with a normal portion and choose a hot drink. Take a look at the following reasons.

1. Smooth Circulation

With the warm water you consume during breaking, the blood flow will feel more smoothly. This will yield many excellent benefits to the body.

2. The process of Toxic Disposal Becomes Better

Fasting itself is a condition in which the body will detoxify naturally. To provide maximum results, consume warm water during breaking. In addition to detoxification will come out of sweat, the process of disposal of toxins will be smoothly with warm water that you consume during breaking the fast.

3. Helping Weight Loss Programs

This is the Reason You Should Break the Fast with a Drink or Warm Food

For you who make the moment of fasting as a supporter of the diet program, sweet drinks should be a taboo. Replace with warm water, in addition to helping digestion to be more fluent, warm water will also make you sweat more. But to get a substitute for less sugar, you can eat fruits that have a genuine sweet taste and healthier.

4. Digestion Becomes More Current

Digestion Becomes More Current

As already mentioned before, during fasting our digestive system will rest. Therefore, if you directly eat a drink that is too cold and sweet, it is feared there will be inflammation due to the process of temperature adjustment is sudden. Drink some warm water beforehand when you break the fast before eating the other menus.

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