Tips To Stay Primed During The Month of Ramadhan

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Tips To Stay Primed During The Month of Ramadhan
Fasting in Ramadhan sometimes makes the body weak and sluggish, especially if we are not used to it. But do not let the fast become our reason to perform sober, reluctant to maintain the appearance to be lazy.

You can still look beautiful and fit during the month of Ramadhan, of course, in a way that is not excessive. Reported from various sources, just do some of the following tips that will make the body remains primed during the month of Ramadhan.

⇥ Do not Ignore Sahur

Sahur is very important for your body to get energy to move throughout the day. Sahur is also important to increase concentration and productivity during your fasting throughout the day in Ramadhan.

A healthy Sahur menu should contain protein and fiber so as to make the stomach remain full until long. Protein is obtained from low-fat meat, eggs, nuts and milk. While fiber is obtained from fruits and vegetables. Avoid the menu dawn fried-fried, broth bersantan, and fatty foods.

⇥ Do not Sleep After Shubuh Prayer

Fresh air in the morning is very good for your body. Get out of your house and breathe deep air to get your oxygen intake throughout your body and brain. Sunlight is very rich in Vitamin D that can strengthen bones. Another benefit is to stimulate the release of endorphin hormones that can improve mood either.

⇥ Maintain Mouth Relief and Oral Hygiene

Do not underestimate brushing your teeth when fasting. Remnants of food will stick on the sidelines of the teeth and become plaque if not cleaned. Brushing your teeth will make your teeth look white and clean, overcoming bad breath and make you more confident. Add mouthwash when necessary.

⇥ Exercising Regularly

exercising Regularly
Fasting is not an obstacle to staying physically active, even physical exercise will be able to improve fitness, burn calories, lower blood pressure, and make your mood rise and bersemngat. No need to exercise strenuously, simply by walking with regular steps at least 30 minutes as much as three to five times a week.

⇥ Enough Rest

Enough Rest
During the month of Ramadhan many Muslims are competing to do a lot of worship, not only mandatory worship but also including sunna worship such as tarawih prayer and tadarus Al-Quran. But as busy as you are in Ramadhan, do not ignore the condition of your body. Maintain a minimum of six hours of sleep a day so that your body is not tired. Exhausted body can reduce body immunity and disrupt the body's metabolism.

Happy Ramadhan 
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