Dirty Phone Screen? Clean It This Way

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Most phones on the market today are coated with scratch-resistant glass. However, the scratch-resistant glass has not been able to protect the phone screen from the dirt and fingerprints users who attached.

In addition, the dirt on the phone often interfere with our vision. To clean the dirt or fingerprints on the phone, we must be careful because the screen is very sensitive.
Dirty Phone Screen? Clean It This Way

Quoted from Digital Trends, Tuesday (26/06/2018) following a row of tricks in cleaning the phone screen that we can apply to our favorite mobile phone.

1. Turn off the phone

Make sure your phone is off, so when cleaned, the device does not respond to touch or friction. It can also avoid short-circuit when the screen is cleaned.

2. Use Cleansing Fluid

Cleaning the phone screen in dry conditions is difficult. Therefore, we should use glass cleaner. However, we must make sure the cleaning fluid is safe for the phone.

Instead, do not drop the cleaning fluid directly on the screen of the phone. Apply enough liquid to the cloth to clean the phone. Keep in mind, do not overuse using the liquid because not all phone screens can receive the liquid.

3. Select Fine Fine Cloth

Use a soft, soft material that will not cause scratches on the phone screen when cleaned. Instead, use microfiber type cloth when cleaning the phone screen.

Microfiber type fabric has a fine fiber so very safe for the touch screen. We also clean the phone screen with cotton, tissue, cloth and other materials are smooth and clean.

4. Rub Circularly and Slowly

Once given a cleaning fluid, clean our phone slowly using a cloth made from fine. Clean the screen of our phone in a circle so that the dirt is lost quickly.

Most mobile users clean the phone screen by wiping it horizontally and verically. This method actually makes the dirt on the phone screen widened.

5. For Maximum Results Clean Inside the Phone Screen

Cleaning the outside of the phone screen sometimes does not provide satisfaction for some users. We can open the body of the phone and clean both the LCD screen touch and glass on the phone casing. However, it should be noted that this way should only be done if we really have experience dismantling pairs mobile phone body.

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