6 Festivals of Excellence Tour Throughout August 2018 in Indonesia

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Featured Tour Festival During August 2018 in Indonesia | For those of you who want to travel in Indonesia, following various festivals of choice will be held throughout the month of August 2018. 

1. Festival Buleleng, Bali (2-6 August)

Festival tours are held each year in August has its own charm because it displays the entire city site owned by North Bali region as a place of title. Starting from Tugu Lion Ambararaja, Old Port Bridge, to Kanginan Temple and Sasana Budaya. This festival will showcase Bali's diversity, wealth and creativity of Singaraja people, ranging from art exhibitions, culinary, art and cultural attractions, competitions, music, fashion shows, to seminars.

2. Festival Pesona Lipuku, Central Sulawesi (6-12 August)

If you want to discover the beauty of other Indonesia come to Festival Lipona Charm, because you will find charming small islands in Central Sulawesi, such as Sombori Island and Togean Island.
Festival Pesona Lipuku

My Lip Enchantment Festival will be filled with various events, ranging from fun bikes, traditional dances, various competitions, to culinary parties. The festival will also introduce the island's six most beautiful islands in Central Sulawesi, including Togean, which is part of a triangle of coral reefs other than the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

3. Festival Baliem Valley, Papua (8-10 August)

The Baliem Valley Festival is an opportunity for many to see the various tribes in Papua gather. Many interesting events are held throughout the festival held each year. Starting from the simulation of tribal wars, traditional dances, until a typical culinary party of Papua.
Festival Baliem Valley, Papua

The event, which is centered in Jayawijaya Regency, aims to re-introduce and preserve the values and culture of the traditional tribe of the Baliem Valley. Not only culture, this festival will also introduce tourists with the beauty of the Baliem Valley.

4. Festival Floating Market, Banjarmasin (August 24 to 26)

This is the most famous festival in the city of a thousand rivers Banjarmasin. At this festival tourists will see a traditional market that all traders use boats or jukung. 
Festival Floating Market, Banjarmasin, Kalimantan

This floating market festival will be enlivened with cultural parades, Banjar fashion carnivals, Hadrah Festival, Balogo Traditional Games, Culinary Festival, to traditional boat dory decoraasi competitions.

5. Pagaralam Heritage Trail, South Sumatra (8-11 August)

Who does not know the beauty of Pagaralam? Bumi Basil is rich in rock megaliths is famous for its stunning natural beauty of the mountains.
Pagaralam Heritage Trail, South Sumatra

In Pagaralam Heritage Trail the tourists will be invited to visit various heritage sites owned by Pagaralam, ranging from megalith beatuan, along the oldest village, visiting coffee farmers, to enjoy the beauty of Mount Dempo. Pagaralam Heritage Trail itself will start the journey from the Tiger Cave, down the megalith of the earth basemah, to cross the lake caldera Mount Dempo.

6. Dieng Culture Festival, Central Java (3-5 August)

Event tours that enter the top 100 Calendar of Event Indonesia tourism is more interesting from year to year. This year there will be a new tourist attraction, such as the festival of cone and flower festival. 
Dieng Culture Festival, Central Java

Each year Dieng Culture Festival presents a variety of exciting events for tourists, ranging from Jazz performances on the Cloud, carnival culture dreadlocks of children to dreadlocks, to show ballet. For those of you who want to witness all the excitement of Dieng Culture Festival 2018, provide more budget, ok?

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