Casa en el Agua, Eco-Hostel in the Heart of the Caribbean Sea

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Casa en el Agua, Eco-Hostel in the Heart of the Caribbean Sea
Want a vacation and rest on an island that is surrounded by the sea and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Then Casa en el Agua or 'Home on the Water' in the Caribbean is the answer.

This incredible eco-hostel is located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, just off the coast of Colombia. The hostel is surrounded by magnificent water scenery in San Bernado Islands National Park.

Guests can spend their days lazing on water hammocks, swimming or socializing with other travelers in the Caribbean islands.

Only Rp 500 thousand per Night

Casa en el Agua, Eco-Hostel in the Heart of the Caribbean Sea
Priced at a price of about 26 pounds per night or about Rp 500 thousand lodging here is considered very cheap. Or if your budget is very limited, you can sleep in one of the hammocks by paying 18 pounds or about Rp 350 thousand, with additional guest locker facility to store your valuables. But the price is of course not including the cost of a boat rental for 27 pounds.

Sleep with Spectacular Sea View

Casa en el Agua, Eco-Hostel in the Heart of the Caribbean Sea
You will sleep surrounded by unique sea views or even under the stars. Standing on a concrete foundation, this wooden hostel consists of two floors, where the upper floors are the rooms, while on the lower floors are common areas, kitchens and direct access to the waters.

Although the location is in the ocean, but the use of water is limited to only 1000 liters per day. Brought in jerry from Pulau Tintipan, which has two tanks and can accommodate up to 100,000 liters of clean rainwater.

The lodging fee includes breakfast and coffee and drinking water provided throughout the day. While for lunch and dinner, served fresh seafood along with various vegetable options.

For your own entertainment, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to do water sports such as kayaking, rowing, and kite surfing, as well as visits to local islands and beaches. Not to mention the countless opportunities for snorkeling and diving.

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