The breakfast menu that Should Not Consumed

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The breakfast menu that Should Not Consumed
Breakfast is key to starting the day. Even a study from the Rush Universtity Medical Center revealed that eating nutritious foods in the morning can make the body's metabolism better and able to burn calories in the body with optimal.

In addition, a study conducted by Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health also revealed that consuming good nutrition at breakfast can be the key to weight loss with a portion of 25 to 30 percent of the calories consumed each day.

With the results of the study presented, then we are curious about what foods are not well consumed for breakfast. Check out the following.

1. Cereal

Perhaps during this time you choose cereal as a practical breakfast menu. In addition to the delicious taste, cereals are also quite filling when consumed in the morning.
The breakfast menu that Should Not Consumed

But in fact, cereal is a type of food that is processed and contains high levels of sugar. Even one cup of cereal is equivalent to the sugar found on three chocolate cookies. If consumed continuously can increase the risk of diabetes in you.

2. Pancakes

When the pancake is chosen to be a breakfast menu, it is not the right choice. Pancakes are made from flour that some of the nutrients in them have disappeared. Especially when you consume pancakes with extra syrup and butter, of course, although it tastes very tempting but the nutrients contained therein are very minimal even if too often can cause obesity and diabetes.

3. Muffins

Many think muffin is one of the healthy foods. But the fact is, muffins contain lots of sugar in them. 
The breakfast menu that Should Not Consumed

In addition, muffins also contain processed oils as well as flour. The only good nutritious ingredients in muffins are just eggs.

4. Orange Juice

Consumption of orange juice in the morning is very refreshing, especially if the juice is squeezed directly, then the vitamin content will still be awake. However, many are choosing to buy packaged orange juice for a more practical reason. Of the nutrients contained will also be different. The juice will contain more sugar and other preservatives than the original nutrients. So, it would be better for you to consume the real orange.

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