When Children Can be Introduced With Smartphone

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Associated when the right time or how the right age children may be introduced with the phone, so far there has been no fitting standards to be used as a reference in educating children.

In an article published by PBS Parents, it is mentioned that if the child has begun to understand the objects in their hands, holding your phone for example, maybe it's time the child was introduced to the gadget.
When Children Can be Introduced With Smartphone

But certainly, children under two years old should not be introduced with gadgets. Although toddlers are excited about exploring button presses and watching videos, that does not mean they're ready to use gadgets. Experts advise to wait until your child is at least pre-school age.

According to Dr. Carolyn Jaynes, an expert at the Leapfrog Enterprises educational toy company, the best way to learn for children under two years is through interaction and exploration with the real world. Exploring is the best process in childhood growth.

At the age of three, many children have started to become active media users to access educational content from electronic media. Educational content is presented in the form of interesting pictures and sounds of children's characters to capture attention.

A child will be ready to use the gadget sooner or later, depending on the level of supervision. In a supervised environment, children are ready to engage in learning activities by using gadgets at four to five years of age as long as a parent accompanies them with the gadget.

Jeannie Galindo, technological instructional instructor at the Manatee County School District in Florida said, "In an unattended environment, I do not recommend parents buying a smartphone or tablet for children until at least between 11 and 13 years old."

What Jeannie said made sense. Because at that age the child has entered the early stage of pre-teen so that they will more easily given understanding about the positive and negative impact of the use of mobile phones and the internet.

Keep in mind, before giving gadgets to children, parents should also pay attention to their interests. So do not just buy it. It is not advisable if parents give a phone just for the reason that their child begs to ask for a cell phone or just follow her friends.

Giving mobile phones to children demands a great responsibility both from parents and children. Therefore, discuss what children need when they buy a phone, and discuss the risks or negatives that may arise from cell phone use (such as cyberbully, pornography, sexting and so on), including how to prevent it.

Keep in mind, the more sophisticated a mobile phone then the higher the risk that will be faced if the child is wrong to use it. The phone can not replace the parent role in educating the child, therefore two-way communication with the child remains the main and much needed.

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