7 Tips for Mother to Produce Abundant Breast Milk

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There are many benefits of breast milk (ASI) for toddler growth and development. One of the most obvious benefits of breastfeeding is that it helps increase immunity and endurance of the body of the child from disease.

Breastfeeding can also help keep their nutritional needs are met. Unfortunately not all breastfeeding mothers can produce abundant breast milk.
7 Tips for Mother to Produce Abundant Breast Milk

The following are 7 tips for mom to produce abundant breast milk. Come on, see the explanation from the following vemale page.

  1. When breastfeeding do not wait for your child to cry, offer breast milk to your child when he looks hungry. This can help increase milk production. And don't forget to make sure your child sucks aerola instead of nipples.

  2. When breastfeeding, make sure mom goes through a healthy diet. Nutritious foods, healthy vegetables can help increase breast milk.

  3. Doing skin to skin with your child will increase mom's emotional closeness with the child. This closeness can help increase milk production. Feeling safe and comfortable will make mom feel calm, so that the production of ASI is abundant.

  4. The key to successful breastfeeding is a sense of comfort for the mother. So make sure the mom keeps away from stress, avoids too many thoughts that will affect mom's health and affect ASI production.

  5. Follow your baby's wishes. If he really wants to suckle, give it immediately, don't stick to the clock.

  6. Soft massage on the breast will make it more relaxed and avoid blisters. Massage after and before pumping breast milk to get good results.

  7. When breastfeeding the body needs a lot of fluids. Not only water, liquid can be juice or milk. Limit consumption of tea and coffee. Eating fruits that contain lots of water such as pears is highly recommended.

Well, mom like that 7 things you can do to get abundant breast milk. Hopefully this information is useful and good luck.

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