8 Tips to Get Rid of Sleepiness in the Morning

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Those who are not used to waking up in the morning must have felt how difficult it is to leave a pillow and bolster from your arms. This is common because of the density of your activities that have to work and take care of other jobs. As a result, an ideal sleep time of around 8 hours cannot be fulfilled.

Collected from various sources, these are 8 simple activities that can be done after waking up so that the body becomes fresh.

↪ 1. Stretch Out

Intentionally or unintentionally, shortly after waking up we will usually yawn and stretch to refresh the body. Yawning is believed to increase the flow of oxygen into the brain and stretch the body to make the body lighter to move.
Stretch out
Researchers from the American College of Sports Medicine suggest stretching the body for about 15 seconds in the lower and upper body.

↪ 2. Drinking Tea

Drinking tea
Consuming tea in the morning to clear our mind. Besides having antioxidants and healthy polyphenols to fight free radicals in the body, tea is also able to maintain oral health and improve body immunity.

↪ 3. Exposure to the Morning Sun

Exposure to the morning sun
Being exposed to sunlight in the morning does not only have benefits for the body to receive Vitamin D emitted, but also can reduce drowsiness arising from lack of sleep.

↪ 4. Drink Water

If we feel thirsty after waking up, maybe the first thing we are looking for is water. White water can repel drowsiness because it gives the body the first nutrient intake that the body needs after resting.
Drink water
Eating water after waking up can also be the beginning of a healthy lifestyle that you dream of. For those who want to lose weight, water is one of the right choices to choose from.

↪ 5. Listening to Music

Music has magical powers that can increase one's awareness. The effect of listening to the season has indeed become a lot of research material that is proven to be true.
Listening to music
To relieve drowsiness after waking up, listen to fast rhythmic songs. Avoid classical and rhythmic music genres.

↪ 6. Expand The Road

Sitting and lazing on the bed will not relieve drowsiness after waking up.
Expand the road
Start walking little by little to take water or go to the sink to wash your face. That way drowsiness will definitely disappear.

↪ 7. Avoid These Foods

There are several types of food that make you feel sleepy more than you usually feel. Avoid foods like potatoes, white rice, alcoholic beverages and sweet cakes.
Avoid these foods
No less important is to eat too late, because it can cause drowsiness when you wake up early. Limit dinner to 7pm late.

↪ 8. Consumption of Omega-3 Nutrients

A study from The University of Oxford in 2014 showed that the content of omega-3 nutrients in the body can affect a person's sleep quality.
Consumption of omega-3 nutrients
Get omega-3 nutrients from intake such as eggs, peanut butter and soy-based foods.

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