Be Careful, Don't Upload This If You Don't Want Your Career Threatened

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A social media account will reflect who you are. Social media accounts can reflect your position in your career and how you present yourself to the world. Profiles and positive impressions of social media accounts can portray yourself positively.

Conversely, if you constantly upload negative social media accounts, then you should be careful because it can affect your career progress. Even this can also end your employment contract at the office.

So if you still want to be a part of your company now, and hope to get a promotion up to a raise, be careful not to upload the following things to your social media account, as reported by the Reader Digest, Sunday (08/05/2018).
Don't Upload This If You Don't Want Your Career Threatened

1. Don't complain about your work

Sometimes when you are bad-mood while work in the office piles up, coworkers who are not cooperative make you tempted to vent your heart by venturing on social media. Venturing and complaining on social media is not wise. Instead of making things better, your self-image will form as a complaining person. Take care of it again if your coworker or boss reads the status, your career can be threatened.

2. Don't upload rude and offensive comments.

Don't upload rude or offensive comments to someone on a social media account. As a good human being, you should respect the feelings of others by not using them in the public. And as an employee, you are a representation of your company so that it can affect the company's image. This also includes uploads in the form of a coachman debate about political choices or posts that allude to the issue of ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group relations.

3. Smart choose the topic to upload.

Social media accounts are indeed private property. You have the right to upload everything about you, your family, spouse, daily activities, and so on. But it's good if you show yourself as an influencer involved in the industry you are involved in. Post content that inspires others around you. Share articles that are beneficial to others and interact with other users about the positive issues that you are interested in.

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