Immediately Do This Way If the File is Accidentally Deleted on a Computer?

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Accidentally deleting files often occurs. Whether it's because of accidentally pressing the delete button, or it could also be due to the wrong file to delete. Maybe, you could say that most of us have experienced it. Does that include you? Hopefully not. In fact, the deleted file can be restored or raised. Yes, of course you can, as long as you know how.
Immediately Do This Way If the File is Accidentally Deleted on a Computer?

For that, the following alltutorials presents articles on how to restore deleted files on a computer, as reported by the Geek page, Tuesday (08/28/2018).

1. Check the Recycle Bin

Sometimes, people do not realize that there are two ways to delete files, namely to delete them permanently and delete them temporarily or more precisely 'throw' the file into the trash.

If you accidentally delete a file, the first step you need to do is check the recycle bin. Because, it could be that the file is not permanently deleted, but it is in the recycle bin. If there is, right-click on the file, then select restore. Voila! The file will appear again.

2. Restore Previous Version

If the previous step does not help, you can open the folder, where the file was originally located. Right-click on the folder, and, if available, select the "Restore previous versions" option. That way, you can bring back the contents of the folder from the date before the file was deleted.

3. Using Backup Files

If you regularly back up your hard drive, or at least your libraries, the file might be secured there. So, the next step is to recover the file. However, if it turns out you don't have backup files, it's time to make it a habit just to anticipate it in the future.

4. Try the File Recovery Program

This method is the last, if the previous three methods are not successful. Currently there are several file recovery programs.

This program is generally very easy to use, and the most interesting program is available for free. Then, some of these programs are also portable. This means that you don't need to install on the computer to use it.

You can download this program on another computer, and save it on the flashdisk. Then run this program from your flash drive on the computer, where files that you accidentally delete want to be restored.

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