Suitable Healthy Activity Is Done When Empty Stomach

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Even if the stomach is empty and do not have time to eat, does not mean you can not stay healthy. There are some activities that can be done even when starving but do not have time to fill the stomach. In addition, this activity can also get rid of you for a moment from stressful daily routines. Some of these habits can even improve the quality of life.

In fact, the metabolism that occurs when the stomach is empty creates several conditions that are good for the body. Reporting from Step to Health on Thursday (08/02/2018), here are some healthy activities, which can be done even if the stomach is empty.

1. Drink Water

Drink one or two glasses of water when you wake up. When the stomach is empty, this will activate the kidney which is responsible for removing toxins from the body. Intestinal activity also improves digestion and relieves constipation.
Suitable Healthy Activity Is Done When Empty Stomach

2. Eat Fruit

Eating fruit on an empty stomach is a healthy habit because it requires little energy to digest it. In addition, the fruit also helps cleanse the body.

3. Listen to Relaxing Music

If you want to prepare your mind for a day filled with positive energy, listen to classical music or meditation. Relaxed music is good at calming the mind, regulating heart rate, and controlling breathing.

4. Yoga Practice

Yoga Practice
Yoga practice should not be done after a meal. You can do it on an empty stomach. This is because the body is lighter, cleaner, and is able to make concentration focused on activity.

However, do simple yoga poses that do not require complicated physical effort. In addition, you can also do meditas as another alternative.

5. Stretching

After the body has rested for eight hours, you must move slowly. The best way to be more active is to stretch for a few minutes.

This will help relax the muscles and lubricate the joints to prevent muscle soreness during the day. Remember, to perform gentle and controlled movements to prevent injury.

6. Cardiovascular Exercise

Walking or jogging lightly when you wake up is good for your body. This helps to warm the body, release energy, and burn fat.

When you wake up, sugar and insulin levels are low. The body burns fat as energy. This helps you to be better at using fat as a fat burn.

At the very least, limit yourself to a maximum of 45 minutes of exercise. If not, this can be dangerous for you.

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