Tips to Send Secret Messages via Gmail on Android

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Tips to Send Secret Messages via Gmail on Android
Gmail for Android now has a new feature, namely Confidential Mode. This feature allows users to send secret messages and messages can be lost, as soon as they are sent and seen by the recipient.

How do I send a secret message in Gmail for Android? Here are the tips to follow ;

1. Create an Email.
You can open the Gmail application on your smartphone then select the option for a new email, then enter the recipient's email address.

2. Confidential Mode Options.
Next, press the colon in the upper right corner, select the "Confidential Mode" option.

3. Set the Email Time.
Still on the same page, you will find configuration options for sending messages in Confidential mode. Users can choose the message expiration time and security method used to send passwords.

You can choose a start time one day, one week, one month, three months, or five years after the email is sent. You must know, this date is not counted from the message opened by the recipient, but from the moment the sender sends the email.

Tips to Send Secret Messages via Gmail on Android

4. Set the Password.
For password or passcode, you can choose the "Standard" option to send it without a password. This can be done if the sender and recipient share the Gmail service.

Well, if you want the message to be sent with a password, select the "SMS" option. With this method, when you want to open an email, the recipient must enter the code sent via SMS.

If after selecting the SMS method there is no telephone number connected to the destination email address in the contact, Gmail will ask the user to enter the telephone number. Once added, the email will be sent immediately.

5. Delete Access Before Expiration.
Users can delete access to email before the specified expiration date. How, by going to the sent message folder then select the email in question, then select the Delete access button.

↪ What Is Confidential Mode?

Confidential Mode allows users to control email sent more tightly. Because, through this mode the user can set the expiration time of the email sent.

This feature is arguably similar to the message Snapchat feature or the Telegram secret chat, ie the message will disappear according to the time specified.

In addition, the recipient cannot forward, copy, print, or download sent messages. Even so, Google said the users could still take screenshots of the email.

When a user sends an email with Confidential Mode, they can apply a password to open it, namely by setting the SMS. Later the telephone number of the recipient who is registered when sending the message will be sent a password. That password is entered as the code to open the email.

Just to note, Confidential Mode is part of the new version of Gmail released by Google in 2018.

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