10 These Foods Are Proven For You Getting Older

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In addition to sun exposure, stress, and genetic factors, you can experience premature aging because of other things, such as food. Reporting from aol.com, Monday (3/9/2018), here are some foods that are proven to make you get older, curious?
10 These Foods Are Proven For You Getting Older

1. Baked Food
Trans fats can cause many risky health problems. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil is often found in baked goods, so it's important to always read the food labels you buy.

2. Milk.
Milk is one of the most common sensitivities for adults, so it is important to pay attention to adverse reactions after consuming milk. Dairy foods can cause some people to get skin reactions, such as eczema or psoriasis.

3. High Fat Protein.
Foods that contain lots of saturated fat will adversely affect cholesterol and blood lipids in your body. High-fat protein requires a lot of time, energy, and resources to be digested and absorbed.

4. Very Salty Food.
If you like saltiness, it's important to pay attention to the salt intake consumed every day. After eating foods that are high in sodium, you may wake up the next morning with a swollen face, because salt serves to hold water.

5. Alcohol.
As discussed in many studies, alcohol will not only interfere with your sleep cycle, but also damage the liver, which is a detox organ from the body.

10 These Foods Are Proven For You Getting Older

6. Fried Foods.
Fast food, especially fried foods will only gain weight, because almost all have high calories.

7. Sweet Drinks.
There are many reasons to avoid soda, powder, or sweet drinks, because they contain fostat acid which can accelerate erosion in emails. Poor dental conditions will only make you look older.

8. Saturated Fat.
A diet high in red meat, milk and cheese can make your appearance older than it really is. This is because saturated fat, especially when combined with high-sugar foods will contribute to inflammation.

9. Cream of Non-Dairy Coffee.
Trans fats can create free radicals that form plaques in your arteries. In addition, cream of non-dairy coffee can cause circulatory problems and increase tension in the heart.

10. Popcorn.
Popcorn is a food with a high salt and trans fat content, so you should skip buying this food when you go to the movies.

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