5 Benefits Gets If You Stop Playing Social Media

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5 Benefits Gets If You Stop Playing Social Media
Social Media can be said to be like a 'double-edged sword' for its users. Social Media can indeed be a source of inspiration, but it can also bring bad influences. If you open Social Media for too long, then you will lose a lot of valuable time to do other useful things.

If you are overdoing it and taking longer to spend surfing in cyberspace, maybe you should try detox meds or another name is fasting medsos. As an initial trial, you can try it in one full week. Over time you are believed to be able to feel these 5 (five) benefits.

↪ Sleep Better

Who often opens social media before going to bed? In fact, the light emitted from the smartphone screen can interfere with the production of the hormone melatonin in your body. Though the hormone has a responsibility to help your sleep.

Sleep Better
This habit makes it difficult for you to fall asleep fast. Therefore, try to reduce social media surfing activities before going to sleep, guaranteed your sleep will fall asleep faster.

↪ Reducing Anxiety

Too much surfing in cyberspace is not good for you. Constantly seeing other people's uploads tends to make you often compare your life to those who "look happier" in photos.

Reducing Anxiety
According to a psychology professor from Kent State University, taking a break from social medicine can help reduce excessive anxiety to depression.

↪ Leisure Time for Positive Things

If previously you were too busy playing social media, when you were far from social media you would have time to reflect on what you were delayed to do. Your free time is also increasing.

Leisure Time for Positive Things
You can do simple and fun activities such as eating with family, cooking with family or friends, reading books, cleaning rooms, or eating with close relatives without having to worry about social media updates.

↪ Reduce Concerns

If you play too much social media, usually you will tend to be hit by anxiety if not just a minute peek medsos for the latest news.

Reduce Concerns
Handling social media obsession is rather difficult and not too sult. However, if you try to try, at least by not opening social media too often you can control your anxiety and get used to not relying on finding news through social media.

↪ Irritable Quota

When you open social media for too long, it means that there will be a lot of internet quota that you use.

Irritable Quota
Instead of the money you use to buy internet quota, it would be better to save the money to buy something that is more useful or saved to be used when you have sudden needs.

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