7 Easy Tricks Get Better Sleep Quality

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7 Easy Tricks Get Better Sleep Quality
Sleep is a problem for most people who have super busy jobs. In fact, people who have a quantity of activity are often having trouble sleeping. Even if you can sleep fast, in the middle of the night you will wake up for no apparent reason. This sleep pattern will damage your health,

In fact, a good night's sleep is very important for your health. While your sleep habits are quite messy. To improve sleep habits, you can use seven tricks as quoted from Real Simple on Monday (09/17/2018).

↪ 1. Have a consistent sleep and wake up schedule

Everyone busy is often difficult to sleep at the same time every day. But it is very important to keep sleep rhythm awake every day, even on weekends. This is the beginning for you to get better sleep habits.

↪ 2. Turn off the screen

Most people can't sleep because they keep staring at the cellphone screen. To get a better night's sleep, turn off all your cellphone, television and even tablet screens. Blue light from the screen stimulates your brain to remain alert.

↪ 3. Regular exercise

You know exactly if regular exercise is very good for overall health. Including improving sleep quality. Especially if you exercise in the morning. Cardio exercise is recommended 20 minutes a day.

↪ 4. Don't take a nap

If you get a bad night's sleep, you may feel so tired the next day. You will choose to take a nap. But napping can make it harder for you to fall asleep the following night and make it insomnia.

↪ 5. Close your clock

If you often wake up in the middle of the night and realize that the night is still so long, it will make you depressed. To sleep better, get rid of your watch. Set the clock only for alarm.

↪ 6. Don't drink alcohol before going to bed

Drinking one or two glasses of wine may have a calming and sleepy effect. But once this effect is lost it will keep you awake with sweating, headaches, and feeling uncomfortable. For that, never drink alcohol before bed.

↪ 7. Activate a soothing sound background

Sleeping really quiet actually makes you unable to sleep. It's best to turn on a soothing sound background as your bedtime.

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