How to Track an Android Smartphone with Google Maps

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How to Track an Android Smartphone with Google Maps
Smartphones are out of reach, arguably one of the 'nightmares' for everyone. If you are one who feels this incident, don't panic first. You apparently can track it only with the help of the Google Maps application.

Later it was discovered that Google could track the whereabouts of lost smartphone users through the Google Maps application.

Uniquely, this feature can provide services to track locations according to time.

Before going into a way to track a lost smartphone via Google Maps, make sure the internet condition is connected to a smartphone or desktop. Also, make sure you have logged in and entered the password into Google Maps.

Citing information on Gadgets Now pages, Wednesday (09/26/2018), here are some ways you can do to track lost smartphones via Google Maps.
  1. You can go to www.maps.google.com through the desktop, or you can also open the Google Maps application directly.
  2. Then, log in with the Google account available on your smartphone.
  3. Then, click the horizontal bar icon located in the upper right corner.
  4. Next select the "your timeline" option.
  5. In your timeline directory, you can enter days, months and years according to the location you want to see.
  6. Finally, Maps will automatically display your smartphone's location history, along with the current location.

As additional information, this feature can function properly if your device is turned on with active location services.

Google Maps now Can Give Suggestions Nearby Parking Places to Users

Google Maps presents the recommended parking space closest to the user's destination. For example, if the user wants to go to a park, once they are close to the park they want to go to, Maps can provide parking advice that might be used to park the vehicle.

Google Maps now Can Give Suggestions Nearby Parking Places to Users
As quoted from Phone Arena, Monday (09/24/2018), currently it is not clear the trial process carried out related to this parking feature.

However, maybe this feature will be more easily seen directly in the Google Maps application. Recommendations for parking will appear in the form of pop ups in the application when the user is halfway from the destination (with the help of navigation from Google Maps).

If the user chooses not to follow the parking lot's recommendations, the recommendations will disappear immediately. This parking lot notification can be seen on Maps, when the user is still halfway.

Next to the destination, there will be a P mark that is interpreted as the nearest parking place to the destination.

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