Want to Install iOS 12 but Storage Less? Can Try This Way

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Apple's latest operating system, iOS 12, has been officially released for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. But there may be constraints on the device's storage capacity.

iOS 12 is available for a number of devices, even older ones. Apple's claim about improving performance significantly helped make the presence of iOS 12 awaited.

On the other hand storage capacity can be an obstacle in the desire to install iOS 12. Especially on devices that only have 16GB of total storage.

As quoted from Inverse, Apple actually has enough expertise to get around the limitations of storage on its devices by optimizing storage in "clouds".

Even so, for some circles it is still not enough. Here are some tips summarized by Inverse if you want to install iOS 12 but have minimal storage.

↪ In most situations, this can be done by:

Enter "Settings" then select "General" and then "Software Update". Confirm iOS 12 update. After that iOS will try to delete the application to open space. After the update, the content will be automatically installed again.

↪ If it doesn't work, there are a number of advanced steps that can be taken :

Use iTunes.
This trick is actually quite widely known, that the process of updating devices via iTunes can still be done even though the storage capacity is minimal. iTunes will download the update package to the computer and update via USB, instead of downloading the entire package on the previous operating system.
  1. Use a USB cable to connect your device to a computer that has the latest version of iTunes installed.
  2. Click on your device, then click "Check for Updates".
  3. Just follow the instructions on the screen to download and install.

↪ The last way, delete things that are no longer needed.

If the above method is not successful, it seems you really have to say goodbye to a number of things stored on your device.

In "Settings", "General" and then "Storage", you can see details of ways and options to clear storage in your device. well, count and clean up the contents of the device.

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