You Need to Know, It's the Meaning of 16 Heart Emojis on WhatsApp

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Hobbies send heart emojis on WhatsApp? There are many variations of the heart, you also have to know the meaning of each one so as not to send it wrong. Anything?

WhatsApp is one of the favorite communication applications for smartphone users. The presence of a number of emojis adds to the nuance of the service.

Now, among the rows of emojis there are also heart emojis that may be familiar to WhatsApp users. No less there is a collection of 16 variants of heart emoji at this time. 

It is not only different colors and shapes, the meaning of memoji is also different. As a result, it is not impossible to have a misunderstanding due to the sending of a wrong heart-composing message.

So that you are not mistaken, here are the meanings of each heart composing on WhatsApp as reported by emojimeanings.net :

1. Hearts of different colors 

the Meaning of 16 Heart Emojis on WhatsApp

  • Red Heart.
    Red heart emoji is a classic symbol of love. Expressing passion and romance. But it can also be in the context of friendship and strong ties.
  • Orange Heart.
    The shape is a symbol of love. Orange can indicate half-hearted feelings. Or you don't want to be in close contact but just want to be friends.
  • Yellow Heart.
    A golden heart. Meaning love and purity of heart. Not too romantic, but rather happiness, friendship, and joy in life.
  • Green Heart.
    Express life or lifestyle (such as a healthy diet) and closeness to nature. This emoji can also indicate a problem in the relationship or hope to make up. Commonly used in Ireland on St. Patrick's.
  • Blue Heart.
    Representing platonic love, loyalty, loyalty and friendship. Blue heart is also a form of support for the condition of autism, a love of water sports.
  • Purple Heart.
    Is an expression of a sense of understanding and love. It also symbolizes compassion and care, which is commonly used in Mother's Day - between children and parents. In addition, fashionistas or celebrities also use it when expressing a glamorous or wealthy world. In the US it is also used as a military medal for wounded soldiers.
  • Black Heart.
    This color symbolizes a sense of humor that is "weird" and dark. This is also to express sorrow and deep sorrow.

2. Hearts of different shapes

the Meaning of 16 Heart Emojis on WhatsApp

  • Broken Heart.
    This familiar picture of a broken heart, red, expresses a form of sadness and suffering. Can be sent if you are suffering because of love.
  • Heart with the Bottom Point.
    This emoji means really agree! A heart with a dot below forms a decorative exclamation mark. It emphasizes that your statement does come from the bottom of your heart and affirmation that you really like something or someone.
  • Two Hearts.
    Can describe the nuances of love. Commonly used when expressing love for someone or friendship between women.
  • Two Spinning Hearts.
    A two-hearted emoji that turns around means love between two people.
  • A Vibrating Heart.
    This emoji shows a heart that is beating, symbolizing the feeling or relationship that is so strong. Please send if you feel really love someone or something. This is also a symbol of life: a baby is born soon.
  • Growing Heart.
    This stacked three-hearted emoji symbolizes a feeling that continues to grow and develop. Reflecting the feeling of being more affectionate.
  • Sparkling Heart.
    This emoji means someone is admiring you. I'm happy.
  • Heart with Arrow.
    This emoji is certainly no stranger. The meaning is that you are in love. Also indicates romantic feelings.
  • Heart with Ribbon.
    This emoji can indicate a gift delivery reflecting affection for someone. If you can memoji this, the meaning can also be that he has given his heart to you. piwiiid.
Well, that's the meaning of Heart Emoji on WhatsApp, so don't send it wrong. ๐Ÿ’“

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