3 Easy Ways to Overcome Slow Internet on an Android Smartphone

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The presence of Android smartphones is undeniably contributing to massive internet usage. In fact, a number of reports noted that internet access through mobile devices continues to increase every year.

3 Easy Ways to Overcome Slow Internet on an Android Smartphone
Reflecting on these conditions, the internet today has become an inseparable part of life. Unfortunately, Android smartphone users do not always get qualified internet access.

In addition to network conditions, there are a number of other factors that sometimes make internet access not optimal. One of them is the settings in the browser and the performance of the Android smartphone.

Therefore, AllTutorials.info provides tips to speed up internet access by making settings on a smartphone. Like what? Check out the following ways.

↪ Block Ads.
One way to speed up internet access is to delete ads that appear when accessing a site. The reason is that the ads can suck up internet quota quite a lot, so the load time is also slower.

Therefore, blocking the appearance of ads that appear on a site is one way to speed up internet access on Android smartphones. To do this, you can use a browser that usually has an ad blocker feature. Another way that can be done is to install a separate ad blocking application.

↪ Compress Pictures.
Another way you can do is to utilize the Data Saving feature that is already available in a number of browsers. Besides saving internet quota, this feature can speed up your internet access.

Through this feature, the browser will usually turn off the image loading process or compress images to a smaller size. Thus, the process of loading a site will be faster.

↪ Delete Cache.
Many Android applications require an internet connection requiring an internet connection to function. As time goes on, this application will store a cache that has a large size. That number will certainly burden the performance of the smartphone and make the data loading process heavy. Therefore, deleting the application cache regularly can be a solution to speed up internet access.

In addition to manually deleting, you can take advantage of many cache cleaning applications available on the Play Store.

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