3 Secret Islands In Indonesia Only Locals Would Know

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Indonesia is a huge country, made up of more than 18,000 islands. One lifetime would not be enough to explore it and find out all the hidden corners. Below are some little known islands that are real secret gems. If you go to these secret islands in Indonesia, don’t forget to respect the environment and the local population.

what are the 3 Beautiful islands that are only known by Indonesian locals? Here Alltutorials.info will share it for you

↪1. Raja Ampat
3 Secret Islands In Indonesia Only Locals Would Know

Without exaggeration, Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful archipelago in the region. The tropical vegetation overlooks the crystalline waters and some ropes suspended from the trees above the water invite to take a dip. Plastic pollution has not yet made it to that part of Indonesia and the seabed is phenomenal, especially along the coral wall of Friwen Bonda, Friwen’s little sister.

Despite its isolation, Raja Ampat attracts more and more visitors from all horizons. More than ever, education and regulated tourist activities are essential to protect this unique place, which is also called “the last paradise on Earth“.

↪ 2. Sukamade, the turtle beach in Java
3 Secret Islands In Indonesia Only Locals Would Know

Beyond the sea-shore west of Bali, on the island of Java lies a haven of paradise, in Meru Betiri. Imagine getting off the ferry to Ketapang, you take a local bus for a few rupees, heading south. Time fades, you cross villages with unknown names. The bitumen of the road disappears for the dust of the track. You will be amazed by the rice fields, hills, palm forests and mountains.

↪ 3. Koka Beach
3 Secret Islands In Indonesia Only Locals Would Know

Surrounded by green hills to climb, it is a double beach of fine white sand, separated by a small mound of rocks and greenery. The water is a turquoise blue and the fine sand slips between your toes.

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