5 Cities in the World Has Pedicab Tours Travel

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5 Cities in the World Has Pedicab Tours Travel
Traveling around the city using pedicab services might be an unforgettable experience for you. we can see and enjoy the city area in a relaxed and comfortable way.

The following Alltutorials summarizes five cities that provide the experience of traveling around the city while riding a pedicab from various sources:

↪ Delhi, India
Traffic in major cities of India is famous for its chaos. Maybe with a little fun, you can enjoy vacation time in a country that is famous for Bollywood is quieter.

Local tour operators provide a becak tour package complete with exploring local cuisine in Old Delhi. You can choose night or day trips. The pedicab driver who takes you can take you to Chawari Bazaar to taste the snacks available.

There is also Lal Kuan, the right place to enjoy kebabs. Not only food, pedicab drivers will also invite you to visit the biggest spice market in India, Khari Baoli Asia and pass the famous Jama Mosque there. The cost to enjoy the tour package is around 5,363.01 Indian Rupee per person with a duration of about 3 hours.

↪ Tokyo, Japan
Pedicab near Asakusa Shrine is one that is recommended when exploring Tokyo, Japan. You can enjoy the traditional atmosphere of living among Japanese modernization.

Before going around, don't forget to ask the pedicab driver to take a picture of you with the background of the Kaminari Gate, the entrance to Sensoji Temple. Precisely posing under a giant red lantern that became an icon of the temple.

From there, you can explore around Asakusa through small alleys, including Nakamise Shopping Street which is the right location to buy souvenirs. Tour packages are available for a duration of 30 minutes to 2 hours at a cost of 40-144 US dollars. Oh yes, the rickshaw can be ridden a maximum of two people.

↪ Barcelona, Spain
Although popular in Asian countries, Pedicab turns out to also be in Barcelona, Spain. You can ride it for a pleasant and environmentally friendly tourist experience.

Pedicab drivers who drive you around Barcelona's iconic spots are relatively young, namely students who have the ability to speak many languages. A tour agent even prepares three choices of pedicab tour routes with a duration of 1 hour, including passing the Arc de Triomf and Plaza de Colon. How about the cost? Reaching 68.40 Euros.

↪ Beijing, China
Pedicab is the most popular transportation for tourists who want to take a Hutong Tour. Although the price is far more expensive than taking a taxi, tourists still like it because they can enjoy a different city corner and avoid traffic jams.

By riding a pedicab, you can experience the atmosphere of Beijing in the past. Among them is Prince Gong Palace, the residence of China's revolutionary wife, Sun Yat-sen, and the residence of famous Chinese artist, Guo Moruo.

↪ Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Pedicab tour packages in Phnom Penh can be booked until 3pm local time. You are advised to carry a cellphone with a full battery, camera, and sunscreen. Don't forget to wear loose clothing that is comfortable and polite because you might stop by the temple.

Walking with pedicab will bring you closer to Cambodians. You can taste noodles sold on the roadside, visit iconic buildings, and drink coffee with Khmer middle class citizens. How much does it cost? around 29 US dollars for a 2 hour tour.

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