5 Things It Will Make You Want Immediate Been to Bali

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Bali is a very popular tourist destination, both among domestic and foreign tourists. Nicknamed the Island of the Gods, Bali does have an attractive magnet. Starting from the enchanting natural beauty to the culture that is still thick.

Well, for those of you who have never visited Bali, here are five main reasons to immediately design a trip to this city.

↪ Enjoy the beauty of the beach.
One reason that cannot be denied to visit Bali is to enjoy the beauty of its beaches. There are many very popular beaches, such as Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, Jimbaran Beach, Sanur Beach, and so on.

Enjoy the beauty of the beach
The beauty of the beach in Bali no longer needs to be doubted. With stretched white sand and sunset views, relaxing for a moment on the beach can be a favorite activity. That is why tourists are advised to come around the beach in the afternoon. If the weather is sunny, the sunset will definitely look very beautiful.

↪ Witnessing its own unique culture.
Have you ever watched Kecak Dance directly? This opportunity can be obtained when visiting Bali. Attractions that are danced by men with this distinctive clothing are very unique and interesting to watch.

Witnessing its own unique culture.
In addition, culture in Bali is also thick. You can see it from every corner of the city. The temple that stands is protected by tradition and every day there are those who deliver offerings.

Painting is also a typical thing in Bali. There, visitors can see various Balinese paintings, especially in the Ubud area. Some famous painters also came from Ubud. Many also learn to paint here.

↪ Taste typical culinary dishes that shake your tongue.
You can taste a variety of typical dishes in Bali. Some of them are rice jinggo, duck betutu, lawar, and so on. The taste of food in Bali is mostly authentic, making it worthy of being hunted by tourists visiting the city. 

Taste typical culinary dishes that shake your tongue
For that, you can choose to eat food in a restaurant or even in simple but very popular food stalls. It feels like no less delicious.

↪ Enjoy a variety of adequate facilities.
As an island which is a tourist destination from all over the world, Bali has everything. This place is indeed developing so rapidly that visitors really like being spoiled. From accommodation to facilities in the city, everything is available. 

Enjoy a variety of adequate facilities
For those of you who want to visit Bali to enjoy comfort, this is the right place.

↪ Easy to reach from anywhere.
To visit Bali, it will be more practical if you use air transportation. Besides being easier and time-saving, the price of a flight ticket to the island is also not too expensive if you look for it in an online travel agent.

So, have a nice vacation!

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