How to easily listen to songs on Spotify via the browser

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How to easily listen to songs on Spotify via the browser
Spotify is arguably one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. Although most users listen via desktops, as well as iOS or Android devices, actually this music streaming service that is identical to green can also be enjoyed through a browser.

To listen to music from Spotify via the browser, it's very easy. You can use a browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and others.

As Ubergizmo quoted, Monday (10/15/2018), following Alltutorials.info, present the steps you can do to listen to Spotify music in the browser.
  1. First, visit open.spotify.com.
  2. Then, log in to your Spotify account.
  3. Finally, you can listen to unlimited music unlimited on Spotify via the browser, and don't need to download it via Mac or desktop.

The browser version of the Spotify interface with the desktop version. But there is a slight difference that makes the desktop version more fun to use.
Spotify via the browser

↪ Spotify users can now save 10 thousand songs offline
Spotify increases the capacity of offline downloads, so users can store more songs on one device. One account can now store 50 thousand songs on five devices, with the distribution of 10 thousand on each device.

Quoted from The Verge, Friday (9/14/2018), the amount of offline song storage increased quite a lot. Previously, users could only store 3,333 songs offline on one device, with a maximum of three devices. In total, currently one account with a maximum of three devices can only store 9,999 offline songs.

↪ Overview Spotify
"At Spotify, we always work to improve the experience of users. We can now confirm that we increase the number of offline tracks per device, from 3,333 on three devices to 10,000 per device with a maximum of five devices," said Spotify spokesman.

Spotify is a music streaming service developed by Swedish company Spotify Technology. Its head office is in Stockholm. Total users are 180 million, with 83 million of them paid customers.

The service released on October 7, 2008 as of August 20 2018, is already available in 65 regions of the world. Spotify is a freemium service that consists of two types, namely free and paid services.

For free services, users must be willing to be interspersed with advertisements while listening to music.

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