MacBook and iMac Pro Cannot Be Repaired in Third Parties

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Apple is said to use a variety of diagnostic tools and software that makes third-party service builders unable to participate in repairing MacBook Pro and iMac Pro.

The reason is, if in the repair process, the technician does not use these tools or software, this will actually make the system on the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro that are repaired become unable to operate. In fact, it can also make the repair process incomplete.

This information is based on a document distributed by Apple to each Apple Authorized Service Provider.

As Alltutorials.info quoted from The Verge, Monday (08/10/2018), of course the decisions written in this document will affect third-party repair services.

That said, without Apple's software, third-party repair services will not be able to repair the MacBook Pro that has problems with screen assembly, logic board, keyboard, trackpad, and Touch ID bar.

iMac Pro Will Lock

As for iMac Pro, the locking method will be active if a third party repair service changes the logic board or storage space.

Mac Retina 5K
Computers will no longer be used until a tool called Apple Service Toolkit 2 is used by someone who is an official repair service provider. Most likely, the use of this tool is intended to ensure the security of the device is maintained.

Moreover, Apple chips have been responsible for increasing various functions on the Mac, including storing data safely and handling encryption.

Many criticisms

Especially when security is at stake, it makes sense when Mac has to pass a diagnosis approved by Apple. Unfortunately, Apple's move to apply extra protection for the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro is actually criticized by a number of parties.

They say, Apple devices become more difficult to repair and inevitably force people to change devices. Previously, along with other hardware makers, Apple struggled to prevent third parties from making overall improvements for security reasons.

Related to the above, Apple has refused to comment.

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