Tips for Choosing a Vacation Spot in the Rainy Season

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Tips for Choosing a Vacation Spot in the Rainy Season
Not just a trend or lifestyle, traveling can be said to be one of the "best drugs" for those who want to be always healthy and happy. Well, if the budget for traveling has already been collected, then is to think about the purpose of "where to dock?".

But, don't forget, according to information from the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) in October is the rainy season. Therefore, for those of you who are ready to travel, it is fitting to more carefully determine the location of the vacation compared to the dry season.

Here Alltutorials summarizes tips on choosing the ideal vacation spot when the rainy season arrives ;

↪ Avoid Nature Attractions
Compared to the dry season, the choice of location to vacation in the rainy season is indeed more limited. Visiting natural attractions such as beaches, mountains, waterfalls and disaster-prone areas should be avoided at this time, especially for travelers who want to vacation with family.

There are so many risks to watch out for, including their impact on health. Don't worry, there are still many interesting destinations that are right to visit this season. Starting from indoor playgrounds, arts venues, museums, to shopping centers and culinary tours.

↪ Adjust to the type of traveler
Talk about holidays, of course the "goals and needs" of each traveler are different. There are just to get rid of fatigue, hunt for food, look for new challenges or things with elements of art and culture, to just want to be fun with friends or family.

For those who just want to eliminate fatigue, a traveler can do a staycation at a hotel that is close to shopping and culinary centers or stay in a villa that offers stunning views, such as hills and tea plantations. Visiting hot springs can also help eliminate fatigue while restoring the body's freshness.

Furthermore, for those who want to take advantage of a vacation for culinary hunting, a traveler can visit cities with a myriad of culinary choices such as Bali, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo, and Semarang. There, there are various traditional menus that are ready to spoil the tongue. For those who are looking for new challenges, a traveler can visit the indoor playground. There, a traveler can try various exciting rides that trigger adrenaline without worrying about rain coming.

Special for art and culture enthusiasts, of course any season will not be a problem. Travelers can visit art venues and museums in major cities in Indonesia, anytime.

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