3 Extraordinary Benefits if Sleeping Naked

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During this time, people often sleep in clothes. In fact, sleeping naked also has good benefits for health.

3 Extraordinary Benefits if Sleeping Naked
Reporting from Men's Health on Thursday (11/15/2018), here are some benefits of sleeping naked according to sleep expert who is also professor of neuroscience at UC Berkeley Matthew Walker. What are the positive effects for the body?

1. Get better sleep.
Walker said, there is no scientific evidence that supports the health potential of sleeping naked. However, according to some information from several tribes in Africa that are often exposed to changes in temperature, this is useful.

The study found that the sleep cycles of the tribes were related to temperature changes. They fall asleep when the temperature drops and wakes up in the coldest temperature. Walker said, this shows that covering the body makes it harder to let go of heat.

Other studies say, cooler temperatures are beneficial for quality sleep. Studies from Science Advances show that people have worse sleep when temperatures rise.

2. Helping relationships and sex life.
There is some evidence that skin contact creates a boost in oxytocin or bonding hormones. This contributes to increasing feelings of intimacy and bonding. Most studies do focus on mothers and babies. However, that does not mean this does not apply to couples.

3. Increase fertility.
A study in 2015 found that men wearing boxer type pants and naked sleep had DNA fragmentation in their sperm. This can be interpreted that their sperm has higher quality.

The researchers speculate, this has a relationship with lower room temperature so that the testicles keep good and cool.

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