5 Destinations in Athena, Greece that You Must Visit

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Athena is the heart of which is the Ancient Greek empire and the center of world civilization. The city still has many historical traces in the form of buildings that have been established since the 5th century BC, such as the Acropolis.

Confused where to go when visiting the Land of the Gods? Take it easy, Alltutorials has five recommended tourist destinations that you should visit in Athena, Greece.

1. Acropolis and Parthenon

Talk about Athena of course you can't miss the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Both of these destinations dominated Athens as a whole.

Acropolis and Parthenon
Acropolis dan Parthenon. (Shutterstock)

Beautiful views of the Acropolis and the temples surrounding it on a hill seen from a distance at sunset are guaranteed not to be forgotten for the rest of your life. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery throughout Athena when you are at the top of the Acropolis.

Besides enjoying the magical scenery, you can also go to the New Acropolis Museum.

2. Temple of Athena Nike

You certainly are no stranger to Nike. Not the shoes we mean. Nike for the Ancient Greeks was considered a god who represented victory.

Temple of Athena Nike
Temple of Athena Nike. (Shutterstock)

This Temple of Athena Nike has stood on the Acropolis since 420 BC. Athena himself was the god of war and virtue. It was at this temple that the people of Ancient Greece prayed for victory against the famous Spartan.

This temple was destroyed in the 16th century during the war between Ottoman and Venice, but was successfully restored.

3. Anafiotika

The ruins of historic buildings are not the only destination that you must visit while in Athena. Anafiotika must also be included in your visit list because this is a settlement that is no less beautiful to explore.

This beautiful settlement that represents Athena you can find under the Acropolis and to the north of another historic settlement, the Plaka.

Anafiotika. (Shutterstock)

Anafiotika was built by workers from the Cyclade island, Anafi in the 1860s at the behest of King Otto I. Many of the ancient houses were destroyed by archaeological excavations. However, don't worry there are still 45 original homes that you can admire.

Cycladic-style architecture reminds us of ancient civilizations. Some of the houses that are still inhabited are increasingly beautiful because many are decorated with colorful bougainvillea.

4. Panathenaic Stadium

This Panathenaic Stadium has a history that will amaze you. The stadium, built in 300 BC, was restored in 144 and has hosted several Olympics.

This is where the first time the Olympic fire was lit. In ancient times, the stadium was a place for religious festivals dedicated to the Athenian god every four years.

Panathenaic Stadium
Stadium Panathenaic. (Shutterstock)

The Panathenaic Stadium that we can now see has been restored in the 19th century and has hosted the first modern Olympics after not being used for centuries.

Panathenaic Stadium can accommodate 50,000 spectators and is the largest stadium in the world made entirely of marble.

5. Mount Lycabettus

If you are tired of retracing history, you can enjoy the view at sunset from Mount Lycabettus.

From the summit of Mount Lycabettus you can see the Attica Basin, the Aegean Sea and the St. chapel. George. Here there is a small cafe with appetizing culinary delights.

Mount Lycabettus
Mount Lycabettus. (Shutterstock)

To start hiking, you can explore the hiking trail on Aristippou Road, Kolonaki. If you are tired of walking, you can also choose the mode of cable car transportation that departs from Ploutarchou and Aristippou.

Well, of course you are not confused anymore where to go when on vacation to Athena, right?

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