End of Year Vacation with Family to Hong Kong, What Are the Destinies?

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End of the year will arrive soon, what plan do you have with your family? While there is a year-end vacation, take advantage of these moments to enjoy quality time with your loved ones, let's! Hong Kong can be an interesting holiday reference with family, especially because it is visa-free for Indonesian citizens.

Not only limited to that, Hong Kong has a series of tourist destinations that are right for exploring with family, ranging from the mainstream to the unexpected. Want to know what are the best recommendations for enjoying a winter vacation while celebrating the end of the year in Hong Kong? Come on, discover Hong Kong like local by visiting the following choices of destinations;

↪ Aberdeen Fishing Village Exploration Experience.
Hong Kong does not only offer glittering metropolitan. If you want to find a perfect getaway and a moment of solitude on a beautiful island, just explore the experience of Aberdeen Fishing Village. Get ready to be greeted with views of the old canoe and boat house which is the place for fishermen to live with their families. There are also some modern yachts that can be found there, a collaboration of unique sights that are always interesting to capture the camera.

Aberdeen Fishing Village Exploration Experience
The experience of riding a traditional canoe can be tested by the traveler who came to this island. While enjoying local seafood cuisine that has a distinctive taste, a successful trip to Aberdeen brings its own sensation while in Hong Kong. Well, do you know if roaming Aberdeen and other islands in Hong Kong can be enjoyed free of charge if you spend 3-7 nights in Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific?

Yup, there is a special offer from Cathay Pacific where you can enjoy a Deluxe Hong Kong Island Combo tour, starting from trying to ride the Peak Tram, visiting Aberdeen Fishing Village, to dropping by the popular Repulse Bay there.

↪ Around Hong Kong by City Bus.
Want to get around to see the exoticism of Hong Kong at the end of the year? Taking a tour by city bus can be the right choice. Visit some of the following spots, such as Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, and Stanley Market, where you can directly witness the enchanting diversity that exists in Hong Kong. Don't forget to enjoy panoramic views from the height of Hong Kong by visiting Victoria Peak with the Peak Tram Sky Pass. Guaranteed to make the year-end holiday even more enjoyable.

Around Hong Kong by City Bus
Hop-on deals, Hop-off Open Top Bus Sightseeing Tour is also one of the free tour options that can be enjoyed when planning a trip with Cathay Pacific. The thrill of discovering Hong Kong like locales will be felt even more if you taste this one trip.

↪ Experience Time Travel in the Vintage Corner in Old Town.
Hong Kong may be rich in skyscrapers full of modern sides. But, there is also another corner full of rich history and thick vintage nuances. Let's get to know Hong Kong more deeply in Old Town Central while enjoying salt and artistic heritage, culture and of course culinary.

Experience Time Travel in the Vintage Corner in Old Town
This area is known as one of the most important cultural destinations while on vacation to Hong Kong. Because, every place of history, museums, restaurants, cafes and shopping places are very guarded and not changed from time to time. You can also freely travel like a local tourist to all corners of the city.

Also make sure to shop at Tsim Sha Tsui, a shopping center area filled with outlets, shops, markets and malls. You can also travel through Bollywood-themed outlets, Asian street label boutiques, Shanghai tailors to international brand stores.

In the evening, Sham Shui Po is a destination that cannot be missed. Enjoy the experience of exploring markets that are famous for electronics and clothing. Here is the Apliu Street Flea Market which is popular with computer and electronic needs. If you want to hunt for clothes, come to Cheung Sha Wan, which has many wholesale fabric outlets, subscriptions to fashion designers. The destination to see the other side of the vintage from Hong Kong is suitable to enjoy while on a winter vacation or the end of the year.

↪ Exploring the Original Life of the city of Hong Kong.
Want to get in touch with a closer Hong Kong culture? Cathay Pacific also offers free tours to visit several local Hong Kong destinations that are thick with native culture from the city, namely Chi Lin Nunnery, a large temple complex with elegant wooden architecture from the Tang Dynasty. In this place, you can find historic Buddhist relics and sacred lotus ponds that are respected by Buddhists.

Exploring the Original Life of the city of Hong Kong
Next, you can find out more about this metropolis city through Duk Ling. Duk ling is a legendary relic that is still in the city of Hong Kong as the city's iconic symbol. You can see the sights of Hong Kong by boarding this ship to dissolve in the thick of the legendary Hong Kong culture.

There is also a Bird Garden, a traditional Chinese-style bird garden that has a collection of dozens of exotic bird species. Get ready to be spoiled with unique bamboo cages to various porcelain pottery. Birds have become part of the hobby of Hong Kong and traditional Chinese people for a long time, where many adult men maintain this one animal.

↪ Experience Picking Fruits at Tai Tong Organic Ecopark.
In addition to experiencing a free tour experience with Cathay Pacific in a number of previous destinations, discovering local Hong Kong likes can be continued by experiencing outdoor experiences at Tai Tong Organic Ecopark. The atmosphere of rural nature can make the year-end holiday with family more interesting.

Experience Picking Fruits at Tai Tong Organic Ecopark
Here, you can learn a lot about how to grow organically, even grow your own favorite vegetables. One of the most interesting tourists is picking strawberries which can be done from December to April each year.

↪ Enjoy the Euphoria of the Year-End Festival in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong also offers a variety of interesting activities in the winter that can enhance your vacation. Start with ice skating at the City Ice Skate Plaza, then visit various year-end festivals presented there. Like the Hong Kong Pulse Light Art, which presents various lights installation from artists who make Hong Kong even more radiant.

Enjoy the Euphoria of the Year-End Festival in Hong Kong
There are several art installations that will greet your arrival in Hong Kong. For example, 'Angels of Freedom' which describes an interesting interactive light that reveals the inner beauty of each person. There is also an installation themed Lightbattle X which consists of two cross arrows made of thousands of LED lights. There are many more beautiful lighting installations that will make the holiday even more vibrant and certainly can produce Instagenic vacation shots while in Hong Kong.

Don't miss the 'A Symphony of Lights' which adorns the night at Victoria Harbor, where you can watch the light synchronize with beautiful music. The Statue Square Christmas Tree is also a striking Hong Kong sight before the end of the year.

↪ Feel the festive Tong Chong Street Market.
Roaming Hong Kong like the local people at the end of the year doesn't feel right if you don't stop by Tong Chong Street Market. As a routine event every year in Hong Kong, Tong Chong Street Market displays a variety of fresh ingredients directly from farmers to be processed into contemporary food, cooking tips, and the latest food and beverage trends.

Feel the festive Tong Chong Street Market
This year, Tong Chong Street Market will begin with a Coffee Festival in November. Come here and experience the tasting aromatic coffee from 20 of the best coffee vendors. Like All Day Roasting Coffee which is one of the most popular coffee shops in Taiwan, Ralph’s Coffee has just started its Asian brand in Hong Kong earlier this year, ACT, which focuses on high quality coffee from Africa, and much more. Besides being able to enjoy various coffees, visitors will also be entertained by busking music from Project After 6.

How, you can already imagine the thrill of a holiday in Hong Kong, right?

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