How to Turn off Location History in Google Maps

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As reported earlier, Google really wants to know the activities of its users, including the location of the user's presence. This is based on an investigation conducted by the Associated Press. As quoted from AP News, Wednesday (08/15/2018), the media found many Google services on Android and iPhone devices that store user location data.

How to Turn off Location History in Google Maps
Worse, Google still keeps the location of users even though they have activated privacy settings which, according to Google claims, will no longer monitor the user's location. Actually, there is a trick to being able to turn off location history on Google Maps. The method is very easy.

As quoted by Gadgets Now, Monday (5/11/2018), this method can be done for iOS and Android devices.

↪ Android users
For Android users, the first way you can do, Open Settings and click Google. Then, open "Google Account" then look for the "Data & Personalization" tab, then disable the toggle web & activity off app.

And, don't forget to go back to the Data & Personalization options, click the location history option, and select the off option for each device connected to your Google account.

↪ IOS and Windows users
Meanwhile, for iOS and Windows devices, the first way to do this is to open a website at www.myaccount.google.com/activitycontrols.

Then, log in to your account. Next, turn off Toggle Web & App Activity. Next, don't forget to turn off Location History located under the Web & App Activity settings.

↪ User Location Access Permit
In most applications, Google has indeed requested permission to access the user's location. Then, applications such as Google Maps will warn users to allow location access, one of which is navigation.

How to Turn off Location History in Google Maps
If the user approves the request, Google will record the location of the user from time to time. Next, Google will display the user's Location History in a timeline that maps the user's daily movements.

Google also stores minutes of minute user travel history. User privacy is at stake, but this feature is reportedly used by the police to determine the location of the suspect.

However, for reasons of privacy, companies based in California, USA, allow users to apply pause Location History to their users. That way users can set options whether their location will be saved or not by Google.

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