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A great designer usually tends to be very talented and also likes to sharpen their skills. Whether it's reading, direct practice and trying new things about design, including digital technology.

A reliable designer of course also needs to master technology, especially the tools needed for making a design.

Therefore, because most of their work is done digitally, a designer must have a powerful computer to work perfectly and to handle large files for design purposes, not just computers but many other important things that should be owned by a designer to support his work, even including comfortable chairs.

Here are some things a designer needs to work for ;

1. A Tablet and Stylus Pen
Although it is very good if a designer makes drafts using high quality art tools and sketchbooks, it is also necessary to do everything digitally.

One of the best ways is to take a picture and move your draft to the computer, then readjust the task with a tool like Wacom Intuos, Huion 1000Plus or even the iPad Pro.

2. A powerful laptop and desktop PC
If you are a person who likes to spend time outside like working on a design in a coffee shop or cafe, then a qualified laptop is your need. But if you prefer to do everything at home then the Desktop PC can be a good choice for you to have.

For these two types of devices, pay special attention to the screen resolution, RAM memory and processor, because working as a designer means you are required to work on graphics that are quite heavy all the time.

3. Reliable monitor with calibrator
It is very important for a designer to have a monitor with a good resolution, because a designer needs to see colors more correctly, otherwise it can be a disaster for your work.

Reliable monitor with calibrator
Image by slrlounge.com

Of course you can imagine if someone is wrong in having color while working for a well-known brand, it might be that your big project is not paid for ๐Ÿ˜‚

4. External hard drive Large Capacity
Depending on the area of work you do, a designer cannot escape the name of a large file. They usually tend to spend most of the local storage media, so it is also very important for designers to have a large external hard drive to store all work files.

5. Latest software
Latest software
A designer must also follow the latest development of software technology, especially for the field of graphic design, for example, first web designers rely heavily on Adobe Photoshop to layout websites, but now some designers have started to switch to other software such as Sketch. They also started using software such as Zeplin, MarvelApp and the like.

6. A capable smartphone.
Not only designers, everyone seems to be currently in need of a capable smartphone with adequate network. Smartphones are needed by designers to communicate with fellow designers or with clients, besides that it is also necessary to take pictures, and if necessary make a sketch with the smartphone. Smartphones for designers also need large storage capacity to store the various files needed.

7. Quality speakers and headphones.
Many people feel their productivity has increased dramatically when they work while listening to music (although not everyone is like that), but studies show that this is also based on the type of work (problem solving, data entry, etc.), you may need to listen to classical music, pop songs, and even dance music.

So the quality of the speakers or headphones that are good and have a clear voice is certainly important for work colleagues.

8. Comfortable chairs and work tables.
Some people who always work at the computer every day, often complain of pain in their backs, which is one reason is the chair and work desk are uncomfortable.

To get a better focus on work, make sure you sit at a comfortable work desk, don't hesitate to spend a little more for your health, and of course to reduce the risk of injury or pain in the back..


It is not easy to become a designer, besides art skills that must be high and always honed with work practices, the things above will certainly also be able to increase the productivity and career of a designer.

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