These 3 Secret Features in Spotify You Should Try

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These 3 Secret Features in Spotify You Should Try
Today, the Spotify application must be available on millennial smartphones or laptops. Of course, the presence of the application itself makes it easy for users to search for popular songs quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, not many people know that there is a hidden feature behind Spotify's sophistication. Without any longer, here is a hidden feature on Spotify which will be discussed by alltutorials.info

1. Restore Deleted Playlists.
Have you accidentally deleted your favorite song playlist on Spotify? If ever, then you can do the following method. Open Spotify on the web, and enter the application using your account.

After that, click Recover playlist from the left panel. Look for the playlist that you want to recover, after meeting continue by clicking Restore on the Spotify application.

2. Access the Radio Tab.
For those of you who have been using Spotify for a long time, you must be familiar with the Radio tab. Unfortunately, for a more minimalist application, the company moves the Radio tab to the Search tab.

Access the Radio Tab
You can also access it by clicking on the three points that appear on the artist or album page, or next to the song in the search results.

Information, the list of songs that appear on the Radio tab is personalized to your habits of listening to songs and can be downloaded for offline use.

3. Tidy up Playlists by Making Folders.
You have reached the point where you have a large number of playlists that are difficult to manage? The best way you can do is create a favorite playlist folder.

From the application on the desktop, go to File ➡️ New Playlist Folder and name it. After that, you just enter the song playlist into it.

You cannot insert song playlists into folders through the Spotify application, so all the things mentioned above can only be done via desktop.

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