Tips on How to Overcome Fear When Riding an Airplane

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Overcoming fear when boarding a plane is not easy for some people. Even though I often travel by plane, it does not guarantee someone is bolder when boarding a plane. Not to mention other factors such as bad weather or various aircraft incidents that actually add to fear. 

Tips on How to Overcome Fear When Riding an Airplane
But rest assured when boarding a plane, fear actually makes things worse. here are 8 things you can try to overcome the fear of boarding a flight, like the following :

1. Aircraft Safety Facts.
NBC News from the United States explained that the aircraft is the second safest transportation or tool to deliver people to move. Right under the order of escalators and elevators. A person's calculation of being hit by a plane incident is 1:11 million people. The aircraft is designed to withstand turbelence with even strong shocks. Pilots also often explain this. But when they fly they avoid turbulence for the sake of passenger comfort. Data shows 99 percent of injuries that occur during turbulence due to not using a seat belt or being hit by falling luggage.

2. Don't hide it.
If it's difficult to overcome fear, don't hide it. Talk to the cabin crew on duty and to the passenger next to you. Cabin crews are trained to deal with this, as well as the support of the passengers next to you will affect you.

3. Imagine being on a road.
Try to change your mind, that you are on land. Turbulence is the same as shaking on land. Shake your body following the shock.

4. Request a Chair at the Front.
Shocks will be more pronounced if you sit on the back row bench. Try to request a seat at the check-in department.

5. Turn your attention.
Read books, watch television, eat or chat. Divert your attention from the shocks that occur.

6. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol.
It will only worsen the mood. Especially alcohol because it will make your throat dry and your body dehydrated. One glass of wine may still be tolerated to calm, but not for the next glass.

7. Listen to Soothing Music.
Make a special song list for travel by plane. It can be a soothing song, or even the sound of soft rain, the sound of the waves, or the sound of the forest. Look for music that is soothing to you.

8. Use Essential Oil or Plant Oil.
Some pure plant oils have a calming effect. Use this oil if you think it can calm and even make you sleep better on the plane.

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