How to Overcome Pending Application Downloads on the Play Store

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How to Overcome Pending Application Downloads on the Play Store
Android users must be familiar with the Play Store. The reason, Play Store is a store that provides a variety of applications for the green robot operating system.

Although it was designed as the main store, it is not uncommon for Android users to still have problems downloading the application. One that is often encountered is pending downloads.

This problem does not interfere with performance, but sometimes it is annoying. Well, to find out how to deal with downloads that are delayed in the Play Store, consider the following solution.

1. Change Internet Connection Settings.
Sometimes, the main problem with the download process that is delayed on the Play Store is about networking. Not only cellular data, the Wi-Fi network that is a mainstay, it turns out to be the main cause.

For that, you can switch networks to cellular data, instead of relying on Wi-Fi. But keep in mind, this method will certainly suck your internet quota.

2. Clean the Cache on the Google Play Store.
Another method that can be done is to clear the cache on the Google Play Store. This is important because the cache can often affect device performance.

Therefore, you can start going to the Settings menu and selecting My Apps. After that, select Google Play Store, open Storage, and click Clean Cache.

3. Update the Latest Play Store.
The problem that also sometimes happens is that your Play Store version is old. Therefore, you need to update it.

How, you open the Settings menu in the Play Store. Then, swipe down until you find the Play Store Version. After that, tap several times to update it.

4. Check Internal Memory Capacity.
Another reason for pending downloads is that there is little internal memory. The only way to deal with this is to delete unused applications or data.

5. Reinstall Google Play Store and Reset Android.
The last step you can do is to reinstall the Google Play Store that has your device. In addition, you can also reset Android on the device. But keep in mind, this method can delete data on your device.

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