Know the Expiration of Your Makeup

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Sometimes, we also have a habit of storing makeup equipment. Even the makeup that is rarely needed is still stored until now.

Reporting from makeup.com, Wednesday, January 30, 2019, storing makeup equipment does not always bring good results. Instead, it actually endangers the users. Makeup equipment is not made permanently, it will even lose its effectiveness someday.

Know the Expiration of Your Makeup
Make-up should not be stored for too long, remove it if it is harmful to you. (images from iStockphoto)

Even worse, when the makeup has reached its expiration date, bacteria can appear on the equipment. As a result, our skin can become infected. The following is a guide for you to find out how long you have to save your makeup.


Mascara must be replaced every three months. The liquid will be susceptible to bacteria when it reaches that date. Don't continue using it if you don't want your eyes to become victims of the infection.


Liquid eyeliner is as fragile as mascara, it's just that, liquid eyeliner can be replaced every six months. While pencil eyeliner can last up to two years. Don't forget to keep dragging your pencil eyeliner so that the sterility can be maintained.


One lipstick can last up to two years
Lipstick can last longer than other make-up. (image from unsplash.com)

One lipstick can last up to two years, so lipstick is often called long-term makeup. But, throw away your lipstick when it's dry or the color has changed.

Lip gloss

Because the liquid material is easily exposed to bacteria, lip gloss should be replaced as often as possible than lipstick. Replace it every 12 months or faster when you find ingredients in the lipgloss content have changed.


Just like eyeliner, the resistance of concealer depends on the ingredients. If the concealer you have is a liquid type, replace it once a year. Whereas if you have a powder type concealer, you can replace it for once every two years.

The Foundation

Liquid foundation can last up to one year, but do not underestimate this. Check your foundation and discard if there are changes in aroma, texture or color. Or if your skin is prone to acne, replace it every six months.

Powder, Blush-on, Bronzer, and Eyeshadow

The cleanliness of this makeup tool depends on the brush or sponge you are using. If you treat your brush and sponge, it is guaranteed that this powder-type makeup equipment can last for several years.
Use a clean brush so that blush-on remains durable. (image from Pixabay.com)

Quoted from the qcmakeupacademy.com page, powder-shaped eyeshadow can last up to 2 years, but if you have a creamy form, your eyeshadow can only last up to 1 year. The same applies to your blush-on.

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