This is a Visa Free Country for Indonesian Passport Holders

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When traveling abroad, everyone needs a passport as proof of permission to enter a country. Passports must be owned by anyone who wants to go to another country no matter the distance of the country they are going to. Although only with one foot step, for example from Indonesia to Timor Leste, the passport is still needed as an identity.

This is a Visa Free Country for Indonesian Passport Holders
Visa Definition (Source: pexels)

Not only passports, some countries require visa ownership as an additional requirement to enter a country. Nevertheless, not a few countries only need a passport and free visa.

Well, what exactly does VISA mean? Because many do not know the purpose and purpose of a visa to enter a country, then AllTutorials presents the definition of a visa, type of visa, complete with a list of 2019 visa free countries, Friday (01/18/2019).

Definition of VISA

Definition of VISA is a document issued by a country through one of its representatives whose contents are in the form of permission to be able to enter the country, within a period of time and for certain purposes. In addition to entering a country, the use of a visa is a permit to leave the country visited.

VISA form

Different from the form of a passport in the form of a booklet in the form of a document, the form of the visa is in the form of a stamp that will be stamped on the original passport. Visas in several countries can be stickers where the visa sticker will be posted on the passport sheet.

However, there are also countries in the form of a combination of the two. When the visa is issued, there is a handwriting from the officer indicating that the visa can be used.

Visa stickers are made with advanced technology equipped with holograms to avoid fraudulent or criminal practices. Forgery of passports and visas often occurs in various countries so that preventive measures are intensified.

Visa Validity Period

Visas have a certain time limit based on the visa category. Visas for vacation tend to be shorter. As for a visa to study or to work, the validity period will be longer.

Visa category

The category of visa is a visa that has a specific purpose. When making a visa, you need to pay attention to what visa categories are needed for your overseas trip. If the visa taken is a visa with a different purpose, then it is likely that you will be refused entry to a country, or prohibited from leaving a country.
  • Temporary visit visa for family visits (Relatives permits)
    This type of visa is used for those of you who have a family abroad. Usually if you are going to visit them, you are required to arrange this visa first. The maximum time that can be submitted is usually 90 days or 3 months.
  • Temporary visit visa for tourist destinations (Tourist Visa)
    The use of Tourist Visa is when you want to vacation abroad. Armed with this tourist visit visa, you will be allowed to enter the destination country.
  • Temporary visit visa for business purposes (Business Visa)
    For those of you business people, there is often a need that requires a business trip to another country. With this type of visa, you will get convenience when going on a business trip to the destination country.

Types of Visas

  • Visa On Arrival
    As the name implies, Visa On Arrival is obtained directly at the border between countries or at the airport of a country. To be able to get a Visa On Arrival, a visitor must be able to show a personal identification document in the form of a passport. Please note, not all countries provide Visa On Arrival facilities.
  • For this reason, before visiting a country, first make sure to find out about the visa system that applies in that country. Visa on arrival is usually given to airports in big cities.
  • Pre Arrival Visa
    Meanwhile, the Pre Arrival Visa is a visa that can be submitted or obtained at the representative of the embassy or consulate of the destination country in the country of someone who will make a visa.
  • Unlike Visa On Arrival which is taken care of as soon as visitors arrive at the border or destination airport, the Pre Arrival Visa is taken care of a few days before visitors leave their home country to visit the destination country.

74 Countries Free of Visa for Indonesian Passport Holders

What is meant by a visa-free country is a situation where a person holding a passport does not need a visa to enter or leave the destination country.

Quoted by AllTutorials (1/12/2019) from the Henley Passport Index page in Southeast Asia, Indonesia ranks sixth in the strongest passport category with visa free in 73 countries in the world. Meanwhile, globally, Indonesia is in 72nd position out of a total of 103 countries in the world.

As of the end of 2018, there were a total of 74 countries freeing their visas and Visa On Arrival (VoA) for Indonesian citizens. Before that, Indonesia also waived visas for around 92 countries to visit.

Reporting from the Henley Passport Index page, here are 74 visa-free countries for Indonesian passport holders.

1. Armenia - eVisa or Visa on arrival 120 days
2. Azerbaijan - Visa on arrival or eVisa 30 days
3. Belarus - Free 5-day visa, landing must be at Minsk International Airport
4. Benin - Visa on Arrival
5. Bermuda - Visa free
6. Bolivia - eVisa
7. Brunei - Free 14-day visa
8. Cape Verde - Visa on arrival
9. Chile - Free 90 day visa
10. Comoros - Visa on arrival 45 days
11. Djibouti - Visa on arrival
12. Dominica - Free 21 day visa
13. Ecuador - Free 90 day visa
14. Fiji - Free 120 day visa
15. Philippines - Free 30-day visa
16. Gabon - eVisa or Visa on arrival, must land at Libreville International Airport
17. Gambia - Free 90-day visa plus permission from Gambia Immigration
18. Guinea Bissau - eVisa or Visa on arrival 90 days
19. Guyana - Free 30-day visa
20. Haiti - Free 90 day visa
21. Hong Kong - Free 30-day visa
22. India - eVisa 60 days in 24 airports and 3 ports
23. Iran - Visa on arrival 30 days
24. Cambodia - Free 30 day visa
25. Kenya - eVisa or Visa on arrival 3 months

There is 183 Day VISA Free State
26. Marshall Islands - Visa on arrival 90 days
27. Colombia - Free 90 day visa, can be extended to 180 days
28. Kyrgystan - eVisa or 1 month visa on arrival landed at Manas International Airport
29. Laos - Free 30-day visa
30. Macau - Free 30-day visa
31. Madagascar - Free visa on arrival 30 days
32. Malawi - Visa on arriival 30 days can be extended to 90 days
33. Malaysia - Free 30-day visa
34. Maldives - Visa on arrival is free 30 days
35. Mali - Free 30-day visa
36. Morocco - Free 90 day visa
37. Mauritania - Visa on arrival at Nouakchott-Oumtounsy International Airport
38. Mauritius - Visa on arrival 60 days
39. Micronesia - Free 30-day visa
40. Mozambique - Visa on arrival 30 days
41. Myanmar - Free 14-day visa
42. Namibia - Free visa
43. Nepal - Visa on arrival 90 days
44. Nieu - Visa Free
45. Nicaragua - Visa on arrival 90 days
46. ​​Oman - eVisa or Visa on arrival 30 days
47. Palau - Visa on arrival 30 days
48. Palestine - Free visa without information on time
49. Ivory Coast - eVisa, must land at Port Bouet Airport
50. Papua New Guinea - Visa on arrival is free for 60 days, extension must pay
51. Peru - Free 183 days visa
52. Qatar - Free 30-day visa, entry from Hamad International Airport
53. Rwanda - Free 90 day visa
54. Samoa - Entry permit 60 days
55. Serbia - Free visa for 30 days in 1 year
56. Seychelles - Visitor's Permit is free for 3 months
57. Singapore - Free 30-day visa
58. Somalia - Visa on arrival 30 days at Bosaso, Galcaio and Mogadishu Airports
59. Sri Lanka - eVisa or Visa on arrival 30 days
60. St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Free 30-day visa
61. Suriname - Tourist Card 90 days
62. Tajikistan - Visa on arrival 45 days
63. Tanzania - Visa on arrival
64. Thailand - Free visa for 30 days, if the road is a maximum of 2 visits a year
65. Timor Leste - Visa on arrival 30 days
66. Togo - Visa on arrival 7 days
67. Turkey - eVisa or Visa on arrival 30 days
68. Tuvalu - Visa on arrival 30 days
69. Uganda - eVisa or Visa on arrival
70. Ukraine - Visa on arrival 15 days
71. Uzbekistan - Free 30-day visa
72. Vietnam - Free 30-day visa
73. Jordan - Visa on arrival 90 days
74. Zimbabwe - eVisa or Visa on arrival 90 days

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