3 Types of Sports Are Good for Your Heart Health

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The heart is the main support of life because it pumps blood throughout the body to ensure that each cell gets oxygen. You certainly agree that maintaining heart health is one of the important things that must be prioritized.

Improving heart health can be done in many ways, one of which is making appropriate lifestyle changes by starting to make time for exercise. All types of exercise basically have a good impact on your level of health. However, not all types of exercise have the same impact on heart health. Especially if you have a history of heart disease yourself, then the choice of type of exercise is more limited.
3 Types of Sports Are Good for Your Heart Health

Well, before choosing a sport that will be done, it's good to identify your body condition first. The goal is that the heart works according to the portion without feeling burdened. Here are three of the best sports choices that will maintain heart function and performance.

1. Aerobics

Aerobic exercise will increase the efficiency of oxygen levels that enter the blood, muscles, and heart. As a result, the breath becomes longer and the blood vessels dilate to accommodate more and more smooth blood flow. In the end, the heart becomes stronger and the pulse increases. This better heart work will help pump blood throughout the body and stabilize the heart rhythm.

Aerobic exercise can increase HDL (good cholesterol) which will clear arteries while reducing low-density lipoprotein (LDL), bad cholesterol in the blood which can increase plaque buildup in the arteries.

When doing aerobics, your body will release endorphins that function well as painkillers and improve mood. In this situation, you will avoid the stress that causes high blood pressure, as one of the triggers for heart disease.

To maintain heart health, you can do aerobics for at least 150 minutes every week, with moderate intensity for maximum results.

2. Yoga

Yoga exercises rely on muscle strength and body balance. Many twisting and twisting movements can maintain flexibility as well as muscle strength. No wonder, even though his movements did not drain much, the muscles felt tight after practicing his movements.

In addition, yoga is also known for its benefits in curing various diseases, including the heart. Yoga movements that are light and flowing followed by breathing, are believed to help control feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. Good breathing helps keep your heart rate and rhythm regular. So if done regularly, yoga can increase aerobic capacity and increase cardiovascular endurance.

Some yoga movements such as Bhujangasana, Kapalbhati, Sarvangasana, are good examples to optimize heart function. However, for those of you who have or are still experiencing heart health problems, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor first about yoga techniques that are right for your health before starting the training.

3. Fast Way

Cheap does not mean less benefits. Here it is sports that are easy to do, cheap, and many benefits. No wonder if fast road sports are never lacking in fans.

This sport is allegedly able to provide benefits physically and mentally. Through this fast walk, all your body members will move and be trained to be able to burn fat perfectly. Not to mention, blood circulation also flows more smoothly so that the heart's performance is not burdened. If done regularly, brisk walking can reduce excess weight which is one of the causes of the risk of coronary heart disease. Overworked while doing this exercise, you can relax your mind to prevent stress.

You can do this exercise to train the heart. However, if you have had heart disease, you should consult a doctor first. Come on, exercise for a healthier heart.

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