How to Make Interesting Power Points, Suitable For Professionals

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How to Make Interesting Power Points, Suitable For Professionals

Do you often use Microsoft Power Point? Microsoft Power Point is one of Microsoft's computer programs that are widely used as media for presentations.

The usefulness of PowerPoint is not only focused on the process of making presentations, but also facilitates the process of setting up and printing presentation slides, making presentation materials both in hardcopy and softcopy.

In addition to the ability to deliver material, presentation design is an important factor whether your presentation will be liked or not by the audience.

Here's how to make an interesting power point that has AllTutorials.info summarized from various sources on Friday (01/03/2019).

1. Save Time with Slide Master

How to make power points with this one feature can make you save time. Master Slides are features that maintain the consistency of slide elements such as writing style (font), slide background colors, images, and others.

With this feature you don't need to spend more energy to edit each slide one by one because it's uniform from the start. How to make power points with this feature can be found in the "view" menu with details like in the picture.

2. Recommended Layout From PowerPoint Designer

PowerPoint Designer
How to make a power point (Source: Microsoft)
How to make power point with the latest features of Microsoft PowerPoint, namely PowerPoint Designer. This feature can make the appearance of the image and writing layout not boring. PowerPoint Designer will automatically appear when you insert an image into the slide.

3. Adjust the Slide Size Yourself

When opening Microsoft PowerPoint, you will see a 4: 3 slide show. Usually without thinking the length of the slide is immediately filled with information points, even though the size can be changed according to the presentation needs.

How to make a power point before entering any information or objects into the slide, change the size by pointing the cursor to the "file" menu, then selecting "page setup", type the desired height and slide width, finally click "ok". The size will change as desired and ready to be filled with information.

4. Make Interesting Presentations with Morph

How to make power points with Morph can be found in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 series and above. 

This feature works to convert text, images, and even 3D shapes into animation. The results displayed make the slides more lively and attractive.

5. Check Errors with Check Accessibility

How to make power points with this one feature is available in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 series and above. Before sending presentation documents, this feature will help you find errors in the presentation, so you can edit them again.

In addition to mentioning errors, this feature also prepares the reason why you should improve the presentation document.

6. Make a Collection of Photos in PowerPoint

Some jobs require presentations that contain more photos, such as architects when displaying building designs. If so, you can create a collection of photos in PowerPoint.

The trick, namely pointing the cursor to the "insert" menu, then click "image group", then create an album. All selected photos will automatically enter the slide.

7. Share Documents via Broadcast

In PowerPoint 2010 version and above, you can find the Broadcast feature. This feature converts presentations into videos that can be watched by anyone and anytime.

Presentation videos can be placed on the website also by clicking on the file tab, then clicking save & send, then save to web.

↪️ Errors That Often Appear When Making Power Points

Although the way to make Power Point is relatively easy, sometimes there are still mistakes that are often made by most people. These mistakes are usually small mistakes that make the presentation look not optimal and interfere with the audience to capture the contents of the presentation.

Some of these errors include:

1. Incorrect use of fonts

The use of fonts that are less precise such as sizes that are too small can make it difficult for the audience to understand the contents of the presentation, especially the audience sitting in the back row.

Ideal font sizes that are often used in a presentation are usually 32 points with one slide containing approximately 7 lines of text.

2. Use of excessive sound and color effects

The mistake that is often made by other users of Power Point applications is the use of excessive sound effects and background colors. The use of sound effects every time the text appears actually makes the audience disturbed and the presentation sounds noisy.

We recommend that you use sound effects only in certain parts that require special explanations such as videos. Similarly, the use of background colors that are too bright can make it difficult for the audience to read the writing on the slide.

Use a soft or slightly dark background color with contrasting writing to make it easier to read. By applying the way to create interesting PowerPoints above, hopefully you can produce optimal presentations.

Before the presentation, it's a good idea to also test presentations using the projector to get the right color, effect, and writing settings.

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