Sensation of Crossing "Shibuya Crossing" in Tokyo

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If you have the opportunity to visit Toyko, Japan, stop for a while in the Shibuya area. There, cross at "Shibuya Crossing", or the Shibuya intersection. Guaranteed, you will feel an extraordinary sensation.

Sensation of Crossing "Shibuya Crossing" in Tokyo

How not, when crossing, it could be that you will coincide with 20 or even 30 thousand other people from five different directions!

Not surprisingly, many people capture moments when crossing at Shibuya Crossing. Many of them deliberately stopped for a moment, then took pictures, photographed, or videotaped him who was in the sea of humans, who crossed together.

There are also those who intentionally just want to enjoy the sea of people crossing Shibuya Crossing from a distance. Some of them took the time to go up to the second floor of a building or coffee shop around Shibuya Crossing. From there, they then took pictures of the sea of people crossing.

Shibuya Crossing has long been known as the busiest pedestrian crossing in Japan, even in the world. In total, per day, the intersection of five near Shibuya Station is crossed by no less than 2 million people.

Favorite Shopping Area

Many things make Shibuya so much visited by people. One of them, because Shibuya is one of the favorite shopping areas in Tokyo. Famous shopping centers lined up there, for example Shibuya 109.

Shibuya 109

In addition, the Shibuya train station is also known as the busiest in Japan. Not far from Shibuya Crossing there is a legendary dog statue of Hachiko, which is usually used as a meeting point for people visiting there.

Giant Ad Screen

Another interesting thing about Shibuya Crossing is that there are five giant ad screens around the intersection. When night came, the lights and light reflections from the advertisements on the five giant screens made the scenery of the Shibuya sky more beautiful.

five giant ad screens around the intersection

Not surprisingly, Shibuya Crossing is said to be one of the favorite shooting locations in Tokyo. In fact, several famous Hollywood films also had time to take pictures in this region. Call it Lost in Translation, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and Resident Evil: Retribution.

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