Your Computer Infected with ShadowHammer Malware? Here's how to check it

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Your Computer Infected with ShadowHammer Malware? Here's how to check it
Asus has just acknowledged the company's PC update or update system has been hacked, and is used to distribute malware to 1 million Windows computers.

Responding to the issue, Asus Indonesia claimed to have checked this issue into the headquarter.

"For this issue we have checked into Asus Headquarter. Currently they are exploring the case and looking for a solution," said Head of Public Relations and E-Marketing of Asus Indonesia Muhammad Firman via short message, Tuesday (03/26/2019) in Jakarta .

Firman said, there is definitely no specific information regarding the impact on Asus notebook users in Indonesia.

Reflecting on this incident, Kaspersky Lab's security company provides tools that can be used to check whether the user's device is affected.

All it takes is just a few seconds to see if your device is infected with ShadowHammer malware, as quoted from Lifehacker on Wednesday (3/27/2019).
  1. Download "shadowhammercheck.zip" by clicking the "Download an archive with the tool" link on the Kaspersky SecureList page.
  2. Unzip the file that was downloaded to the storage location, and open the folder that says "shadowhammer check" and click shadowhammer.exe.
  3. The program will automatically check your PC, and give the results of the diagnosis directly.

Asus Launch Tools

Your Computer Infected with ShadowHammer Malware? Here's how to check it
Microsoft said that 63 percent of PCs in Indonesia have been infected with malware, then how do we minimize it?

Furthermore, Asus also launched tools similar to Kaspersky. To get it, you only need to go to the Asus webpage.
  1. Open the Asus webpage and download the "ASDT_v1.0.10.zip" file
  2. Unzip the file. Continue by opening the file and clicking "ASDT.exe"
  3. A message will appear containing the diagnosis of your device whether or not it is free from Shadow Hunter malware.
Good luck!

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