4 Safe and Fast Windows 10 Activation Guide

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For Windows 10 users, you should have seen the 'Windows version isn't genuine' notification on the screen? If ever, one possibility is that Windows 10 on your laptop or computer has not been activated.

To be able to use this operating system optimally, Microsoft requires its users to install the original Windows 10 and then activate. The following is a guide for activating Windows 10 safely and quickly.
4 Safe and Fast Windows 10 Activation Guide

1. Check Activation Status

Before starting the activation process, it's a good idea to check first whether your Windows 10 has been activated and is already connected to your Microsoft account.

It's easy, press the Start button or the button with the Microsoft logo. Then select the Settings menu, Update & Security and select the Activation option. Your activation status can be seen in the Activation section.

If your activation status is written as 'Windows is not activated' means the status of your Windows 10 has not been activated. You will see an error message explaining this problem and it is recommended to buy a Windows 10 license for activation.

2. Activation Method

To activate Windows 10, you need a digital license or Product Key that consists of 25 characters. Without this product key or license you will find it difficult to activate.

For the product key, you can get it on the Windows 10 disk packaging box that you bought. If you buy it online, you will get this code in the confirmation email.

3. How to Activate Windows 10

If you use a digital license, you don't have to bother activating. Because this license is tied to your hardware and Microsoft account. You simply turn on your computer or laptop, connect to the internet, and log in to your Microsoft account.

If you don't have a digital license, you can activate it with the product key. The activation method is the same as how to check the activation status, namely by entering the Settings menu, then Update & Security, and the Activation menu on the left.

↪️ After that select the Update product key option, then the Change product key option and enter the product key on the disk or in the confirmation email.

↪️ After entering the product key, you will automatically enter the activation page of Windows 10. Click Next to begin the activation process.

↪️ Then you just have to wait until the activation process is finished by itself. Keep in mind that this entire activation process requires an internet connection, so make sure your computer or laptop is connected to the internet.

↪️ After the activation process is complete, you will see a notification telling you that Windows 10 has been activated. To finish it, you can just click Close.

4. How to Activate Without a Product Key

There is also a way to activate Windows 10 offline using an application such as Windows Activator. But keep in mind that this method is illegal. The use of Windows 10 which is activated using this method also has the potential to cause danger later on. So it's better to use a legal operating system.

By using an operating system and legal applications, of course the performance of your laptop or computer will be more optimal. There is no need to worry too, for example, with potentially "badly charged" cracks. By activating Windows 10 legally, you can also use it permanently.

That is, if the Windows 10 that you use had an error and had to be reinstalled, you no longer need to buy a new license. You can install Windows 10 on your laptop or computer that is the same as the product key that you bought many times.

How, is it easy to activate Windows 10? This method also applies to all versions of Windows 10 so you don't need to be confused anymore.

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