4 Ways to Resist the temptation Junk Food

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Practical is often the reason some people eat fast food or junk food. In fact, junk food is a food that is processed with the technique of 'deep frying' which can increase the amount of fat in the body.

The high fat content can increase body weight. On the other hand, fast food and instant food are often 'teasing the faith'. The savory taste and crunchy texture often make us addictive and difficult to stop when eating it.

Then how to avoid or reduce consumption of junk food? Reporting from Dream, here are four tips to be able to resist the temptation of junk food and make food choices healthier.

Drink plenty before a big meal.

Try drinking two to three glasses of water before a big meal. If you still want to eat fast food, drink coffee once or twice a day to reduce appetite and make your stomach feel full.

Chew dark chocolate.

You can replace fast food with dark chocolate. This snack also has many benefits. Black chocolate can help you lose weight, increase endurance and have very low calories. Just make sure you consume quality dark chocolate products.

Cheese and Eggs.

You can also eat cottage cheese and eggs that contain lots of protein. Hunger usually goes away or diminishes after eating protein-rich foods.

Plus, both have low calories and high calcium content which can reduce appetite. Eating cheese and eggs also makes us feel full for a long time.

You usually eat a little.

Another good way is to try to reduce the number of calories or food consumed every day. That way your stomach is used to eating with a small portion.

Besides being good for health, it can make it easier for you to resist the urge to eat fast food or junk food. 

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