How to Make Color Splash Using Snapseed

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You must have seen photos with a black and white background, but there is one object with another color. Sometimes, different colors make a focus point for people who see them.

The image has a technique called selective coloring or selecting some of the objects you want to color. Also known as the color splash technique.

To select objects, an application is needed that can enhance the image produced. One application that you can choose is Snapseed.

For some people, surely you already know this application. Yes, the Snapseed application can be used via an Android or iOS device.
Photo edited using Snapseed by AllTutorials

Next, AllTutorials.info summarizes from Makeuseof on Wednesday (7/17/2019), about how to apply colors in monochrome photos with Snapseed.

↪️ Open the Snapseed application, select the image you want to color, then click 'Tool' then select 'Black & White'. Images that have many colors, instantly turn black and white. To apply filters, just tap the icon.

↪️ Second, click the 'Layer Settings' icon in the form of a cube with an arrow, located in the upper right corner. After that, see "View edits" on the open menu.

↪️ Click the 'Black & White' filter. Then select the 'Stack Brush' icon, which is in the middle between the trash can icon and the three vertical line icon. If so, select the object you want to distinguish between colors.

↪️ In the Brush settings, click the 'Invert' icon. Then reduce the black and white parameter to number 0 (zero). After that, tap the 'Mask' icon to cover the entire image in red.

↪️ Use the finger instead of the brush to select the image you want to color. You can change the brush size in large or small shapes.

For example, use a small brush to color the image with a small medium too. Use the blue navigation box to move around the image.

↪️ Click the check icon as a sign that it's finished coloring. Save the image to the gallery by clicking Export ➡️ Save in the application menu.

How? is it easy?

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