6 Bridges that Can Be Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

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Indonesia has a variety of charming and unique bridges in a number of regions. Not only used as a link between one land to another, over time the bridge is also used as an icon of an area.

The attractive and magnificent bridge design makes many people interested to take pictures and visit it. This custom then makes the bridge can be a tourist destination for travelers.

However, do you know which bridges are interesting and can be used as tourist destinations? Following Alltutorials.info summarize from various sources, Tuesday, August 13, 2019.

1. Suramadu Bridge

Suramadu Bridge (Surabaya Madura) is a bridge that crosses the Madura Strait connecting between Java and Madura. Its length reaches 5.438 kilometers with a bridge width of 30 meters.
Suramadu Bridge
Aside from being a connecting two islands, this bridge can be an option for your tourist destination on weekends. Through the panoramic bridge with an attractive design, this place can be used as an attractive photo spot. Not only that, you can also spend time watching the sun rise and set in this place.

What's more this bridge can be visited at any time because it is open 24 hours. You can enjoy the sea view which makes you feel calmer. Various lights also make the atmosphere at night more beautiful and stunning.

2. Barito Bridge

The bridge in Banjarmasin precisely on the Barito River, South Kalimantan, connects the Trans Kalimantan Road from Banjarmasin to Palangkaraya and vice versa.
The length of this bridge reaches 1.0 kilometer with a width of 10.37 meters. Barito Bridge is also often used as a tourist destination by the surrounding community. Various culinary can be easily found around it.

The view of the Barito River also manifests itself as an attraction. This place is often used as a photo spot to enjoy the beautiful panorama of sunrise and sunset.

3. Ampera Bridge

Not complete tour in Palembang, if not visit this one bridge. Ampera Bridge stretches over the Musi River and has become an icon of the city of Palembang.

The Ampera Bridge was built at a cost taken from the Japanese seizure. Therefore, this bridge is indirectly proof of Indonesia's victory over Japan.
Beautiful panoramas, as well as colorful lights adorning the Ampera Bridge at night, are an attraction for tourists. This place is often used as a photo spot by visitors who come. Uniquely the lights that surround this bridge can change every few seconds.

Not only that, there is also a park which adorns both corners of the Ampera Bridge, namely at the corner of the Lower and Upper corner. This makes this bridge more popular as a tourist destination to relax and take pictures.

4. Merah Putih Bridge

Merah Putih bridge is located in Teluk Dalam Ambon, Ambon City, Maluku. This bridge stretches 1,140 meters above Telok Ambon and is the longest in eastern Indonesia.
Merah Putih
The bridge that connects North Ambon and South Ambon offers a breathtaking sunset view. Towards night, urban lights increasingly sparkle add charm.

5. Barelang Bridge

Tengku Fisabilillah Bridge, or better known as the Barelang Bridge, became an icon of Batam. Having a magnificent design, this bridge is visited by many people because at first glance it is similar to the Golden Gate in San Francisco, America.
Panoramic views of nature as well as a vast expanse of sea are the main magnets. The view of the sunset on the bridge which has a length of 2,264 meters is also amazing.

6. Tengku Agung Sultanah Latifah Bridge

The last is the Tengku Agung Sultanah Latifah Bridge located in Siak, Riau. As the name implies, the bridge stretches over the Siak River over 1.1 kilometers at 16.95 meters.
Tengku Agung Sultanah Latifah
The shape of the bridge is very striking because of its two sturdy towers. The tower is equipped with two lifts to the top so that visitors can see the city of Siak from its height.

Guess which bridge you want to explore first? ๐ŸŒ‰ 

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