Consumption of 3 of These Makes You Old Fast in the Real World

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The FaceApp application is currently loved by social media users. Most curious individuals want to see what their faces look like when they look old or like the elderly.

However, you don't need FaceApp if you want to age quickly. There are many things that can make the human body grow old faster, one of which is food and drink.

Quoted from Insider on Thursday (01/08/2019), these three foods can make you old fast without the need to use applications on social media.

1. Products of High Sugar and Processed Carbohydrates

Candies, cakes, pasta, rice, cereals, soda and the like, can be broken down into sugar when you eat it. The American Academy of Dermatology states that sugar that is too high can damage elastin and collagen. These two proteins that actually support the structure of the skin, so that when damaged, the skin becomes wrinkled and sagging.
Consumption of 3 of These Makes You Old Fast in the Real World

"Pro-inflammatory foods will not supply nutrients to produce good new skin cells," said nutrition expert Wendy Bazilian. This makes them more difficult during the healing process.

Bazilian also added, besides being bad for the skin, these foods can also trigger chronic inflammation in the body to obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

2. Products High in Trans Fat and Saturated Fat

Saturated fat is the most visible fat from red meat and milk. Experts recommend that if your calorie needs are 2000 calories, they should not be consumed more than 10 percent.

"A little doesn't matter, but more than that over time, has the potential to have a negative effect when it comes to aging," dietitian Toby Amidor said.

3. Alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause the skin to look older. In addition, they are also prone to trigger dehydration due to lack of water intake.

"Poor hydration will definitely make you grow older. This speeds up skin aging," Bazilian said.

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