How to Copy Text From PDF Without Cropping

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PDF is a document format that is commonly used besides Word. The difference is that the content in PDF is permanent. While in Word, the content can still be edited, unless the document is indeed locked and protected to be read only.

One obstacle that is often faced by users when dealing with PDF documents is when copying text and pasting it in a word processing program like Word, the results like to be cut off or cluttered due to line breaks.
How to Copy Text From PDF Without Cropping

This time AllTutorials.info will tell you two tricks to overcome this classic problem.

↪️ Using Services from Removelinebreaks.net

The first and easiest step, you can use the services from removelinebreaks.net. As the name suggests, this service will repair line breaks caused by the copy-paste process of PDF documents.

The way this service works is very simple. Users only need to copy the text of the desired PDF document, then paste it in the input column.

Next in the options column, select the "space" option in the "convert line breaks to" option. For the second option, "convert paragraphs to", the user can choose "empty line" or "no paragraph".

The final step, click the "Remove line breaks" button and the final results of this process will be found in the "Action" column.

↪️ Tricks Find & Replace in Microsoft Office Word

Besides using Removelinebreaks.net, you can also delete line breaks directly in Microsoft Office Word. The method is also quite simple.
  1. Paste text from PDF into Word.
  2. Select the text you want to fix or type Ctrl + A if you want to select all text.
  3. Open Find & Replace, or can also be through the shortcut Ctrl + H.
  4. In the Find what column, type ^ p which is a representation of the line break.
  5. In the Replace with column, just type the space key once. This means that a line break will be replaced by a space.
  6. Then click Replace all and all line breaks will be lost and replaced by a space.
How? easy right? hopefully with this tutorial can help all of you

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